Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Edward Mordrake, a man with Two Faces!

Indeed it is one of the weirdest and sad stories related to deformities in a human. The case of Edward Mordake, also sometimes spelled as Edward Mordrake, is said to be the heir to one of the noblest families in all of England. However Edward never lived long enough to claim the title and committed suicide while he was only 23 years of age. Edward lived his life in total seclusion, and also refused to entertain any visitors which included people of his own family. In his short time on earth, Edward became a musician with rare musical talents and a profound scholar amongst other great achievements. Even though his figure was extremely graceful yet his face was what caught the attention of everyone he ever met.

Upon the back of his head he possessed a unique feature, a separate face then what was present on the front. It was described as the face of a beautiful girl, which was as lovely as a dream, yet it was as hideous as a devil. Even though the head was not fully formed, it showed signs of intelligence and cognitive functions other to those possessed by Edward. The face would be seen snickering or smiling while Edward would weep, the eyes would often follow who ever would stare at the second face and the lips would move nonstop, even though no voice could be heard.

The man himself however claimed that he would often stay awake the whole night because of the constant evil whispers of his evil twin. He claimed that the evil twin, as he called it, would never sleep and would talk to him about illicit and evil things, something he describes would only be talked about in hell. He added that nobody could imagine the horrific things that he would whisper to him. Edward believes that he has been stuck with this evil twin because of some sins of his father’s or forefathers before him. He pleaded that the evil twin should be killed and crushed by any means necessary, even if it meant taking his own life.

Edward made these confessions to Manvers and Treadwell who were his physicians and cared for him round the clock. Even despite the constant surveillance and close eyes of his physicians, Edward successfully obtained some poison, which ultimately caused his untimely death. Edward left behind a letter for his physicians to destroy his second evil face before he would be buried so that the evil whispers which he dreaded would not carry on in to his grave. Upon Edward’s special request, he was taken and buried in a sort of waste place or waste land, without any headstones or legends to mark his grave.

Whether it was shame of his deformity or the fear of his evil twin, we can only wonder as to why he chose to live a secluded life and did not opt for medication to suppress the “voices” inside his head.

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