Sunday, July 26, 2015

Employee to be compensated with SR 200,000 for unfair Dismissal

Corporate responsibility is slowly becoming one of the most intriguing topics of discussion on any sitting in today’s world. Many people argue that the corporations or employers need to rethink their responsibilities and ensure that all of their employees are treated fairly and justly. There are also those who say that corporations and employers are liable or responsible for an employee up to a certain level and anything above that is not the corporation of employer’s responsibility. However it seems as if the employers have stopped considering their employees as humans and instead consider them working robots.

Corporations and employers, be it banks or any other corporation, have been coming under question more and more each day as evidence and stories of their unfair and unjust treatment of their employees comes to light. One such similar story has come up right here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the High Commission for the Settlement of the Labor Disputes in Jeddah has forced a bank to financially compensate one of their branch managers who had been unjustly treated during his time of employment at the bank. The High Commission has ordered the bank to pay a sum of SAR 100,000 due to the fact that the bank had forcefully terminated his service to the bank and that too without any legal or legitimate reason.

This was not the only verdict given out by the High Commission, who also asked the very same bank to pay out a monetary compensation to another employee who had been unfairly treated in her time of employment in the bank. The bank was ordered by the High Commission to pay an employee SAR 200,000 because the female bank employee had been fired without any legitimate or valid reasoning.

The High Commission issued a statement regarding the decisions that had been made, and it was stated that the decisions are final and all necessary actions ordered to the bank must be completed within the given period of time. The High Commission stated that the court will take the help of the police if it is deemed necessary.

The Primary Commission for Solving of Labor Disputes, located in the city of Jeddah, had asked the bank in question to immediately fully reinstate the dismissed female employee at the post of bank manager and also to financially compensate her wage or salary from the date of her official dismissal. The bank nevertheless raised their objections and stated to the court that the female employee who claims unfair dismissal was actually transferred to the Taif region, however she did not resume her work from her new designated area and was hence let go of, in accordance to Article 80.

Source: Arab News

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