Sunday, July 5, 2015

External Speakers during Prayers - Banned

The Islamic Affairs Ministry has ordered all mosques in Saudi Arabia to shut off their external speakers and only use them for the call for prayers, the Friday Prayers, Eid prayers and the Rainfall prayers.The imams of the Mosque have also been prevented from installing any echo devices and other devices as the neighbors of the mosques or the houses next to the mosques complain about the loud noises of the speakers installed outside the mosques and also sounds from different mosques which can overlap one another creating a distorted sound.

The Islamic Affairs Ministry has instructed all of its field workers to regularly visit these mosques to ensure that the imams or the preachers in the mosques are abiding by these new regulations set by the Ministry. The Islamic Affairs Ministry has issued a lot of warnings and also regulations specifically to the mosques for the holy month of Ramadan, in relevance to prayers and the closing and breaking of the fast.The ministry has also advised all of the imams who have been commissioned to perform Taraweeh and Qiyam Al Lail prayers during the holy month of Ramadan, to refrain from long preaching times, rhymes and also have banned those sermons which have an aggressive message or one which may be considered as encouraging violence.

These regulations set by the ministry also include the prevention of any other preaching activities in mosques during the holy month of Ramadan, other than those lectures and seminars which have been officially approved by the Ministry. The Ministry stated that people other than the employed imams who memorize the Quran should be chosen and a preference should be given to teachers and students from the Quran teaching schools.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs has also laid great stress upon the fact that the Adhan times, or the times which have been set for the call for prayers, 5 times a day, need to be strictly adhered by, without distorting or changing the timings even a little bit.The Islamic Affairs Ministry is directly engaged and working with several people who are preachers, scholars or university professors. The Ministry aims to deliver lectures and hold seminars for the employees and the staff of 10 of the government agencies. The ministry aims to reduce the risk of extremism and ideological splits, which in turn leads to sectarianism.

Not only has Saudi Arabia issued such regulations, Pakistan, which is considered another Powerful Muslim country has ordered all mosques to adhere to regulations similar to the ones done by Saudi Arabia. Pakistan faced a great amount of terrorist activities which targeted Pakistani citizens in general, where as Sectarian killing is also on the rise in the country, with those Muslims belonging to the Shiah sect were mercilessly and relentlessly targeted.The most important thing to monitor is the substance of the sermons and preaching and to ensure that a peaceful religion such as Islam may not have its image distorted due to a few corrupted minds.

Source: Arab News

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