Sunday, July 5, 2015

He Kills Mother then Performs Umrah

Certain things have come into my attention which has actually bewildered me. No more am I convinced that the world is an innocent place or just belonging to a certain sect or religion allows men or women to engage in acts which are downright shocking rather than disturbing. Then again being of a certain religion, sect or cult does not justify our actions, as those actions have been ordered by our brain, something which operates on its own created ideas and notions of perfection.3 different yet similar stories have come to my attention in the past few days.

  1. The first story involved a drug addict living in Makkah, who killed his own mother and left her in her own pool of blood, while he then made his way to perform tawaf or circumambulation around the Holy Kaaba.My question today, although deeply disturbed, is this: what kind of unique faith must the man possess while performing the tawaf, right after killing his own mother?

  2. The second story involved a group of extremist terrorists who kill an officer of the law, shortly after which they burn the policeman’s body. However even though they did not flinch while burning or killing a seemingly innocent man, doing his job, the only thing which struck their moral conscience is the fact that who would be filming the entire act or event, as in their case, they consider photography to be Haram (banned in Islam). Even after all that they had done, they attended a wedding in just a few hours, as was their social responsibility.My question here is how much of a greater sin would it have been to photograph someone or video record someone who you have already murdered and burnt. Would it have made the act of murder and burning of the body less condemnable?
  3. The third story, although not as brutal as the earlier 2, will leave you dumbfounded none the less. The story is about a young man who had been sent on scholarship by the government. Once in foreign lands he used to regularly upload videos which showed him forcibly kissing women of foreign origin before fleeing the scene. Once he came back to the Kingdom, the same young kisser started defending those on social media who criticized the actions of HAIA, or the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.My question again today for everyone who is reading, what kind of double standard allows someone to engage in the kissing of women in foreign countries while defending those who criticize the ethical police back in their home country?

From the relatively little knowledge I have about Islam, or any other religion, in comparison to the many learned scholars out there is that religion is a set of principles and ethical codes. Many “religious” people will create an outwardly or physical image of a very pious man, however their inner self will not reflect upon the image they have created, and in such cases, religion will have no effect.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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