Monday, July 20, 2015

How Bangladeshi Expats can get Family Visa in Saudi Arabia?

Rabi Karim: Hi Steve, Thanks for bringing this issue in your good blog. As a Bangladeshi, I'm gonna share my experience of my getting visit visa to all of my Bangladeshi Brothers as follows:  

I got my family visit visa on month of March 2015. I followed all the rules mentioned in Istiqdam office. I submitted my application along with my all legal papers. The Officer said Bangladeshi Visa is not issuing at this moment. I asked him the reason and he said he doesn't know.

Then I went to the 2nd floor to meet the Manager of Istiqdam and showed him all my legal papers and asked him - Why I'm not getting visit visa as I'm eligible according to the rule. I established my logics and points to him in very polite way and Alhamdulillah he was convinced.

Then he signed on my paper and told me to go back again to the counter. I submitted back to the counter my application and the officer gave me visit visa of 90 days. I renewed it again for another 90 days and my family is still with me here in KSA.

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