Monday, July 6, 2015

Lavish Iftar Parties for Poor People - An Image of Saudi Hospitality

An image of Saudi Hospitality can be simply portrayed by the lavish iftar parties which are hosted by various organizations and philanthropic initiatives and trusts. These iftar parties are often organized under tents and through various other means and these parties host many thousands of expatriate workers who have to stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their job and cannot celebrate Ramadan with their families back home.One such philanthropist who wanted to remain anonymous stated to the Arab news that he himself has been hosting many hundred bachelors for iftar parties during the holy and auspicious month of Ramadan. He stated that he was doing so to show his appreciation for whatever Almighty Allah has done for him and all the comforts that were provided by Him.

The guests who attend these grand iftar parties often include bachelors who live in the Kingdom, passerbys who happen to be passing by at the time of the breaking of the fast and also limousine drivers. The philanthropist stated that the menu for these iftar parties include an assortment of dates, laban (milk and yoghurt drink), soft drinks, samosas, patties, cutlets and also kabsa (a rice based dish comprising of many meats, herbs and spices). He said that the guests who attend his iftar parties consume all of the refreshments on the spot and take away the kabsa rice back home to have it at the time of Suhoor.

One guest who is a Pakistani limousine driver by the name of Abdul Qader stated that he never has a fixed place or spot that he goes for iftar. He said that he just goes over to the nearest iftar place to where he is at the time of Iftar. Abdul Qader said he was happy as Iftar has allowed him to save both time and money during the month of Ramadan.

Each and every year the Obeid Specialized Hospital located on Farazdak Street is filled with hundreds of Muslims who go there to open or break their fast.Comfortable sitting arrangements and other accommodations are provided by the Hospital on the ground for iftar. An officer of the Hospital stated that the iftar program is an annual event which has been happening for many years and the authorities of the hospital feel proud and happy to host these guests during this blessed month.

An office boy who is employed in a private company, Mohamed Kabeer stated that he lives with 10 other people in the same room and they all make their way to Obeid hospital to break their fast. He added that the roommates don’t have means to prepare such food so they come here and share delicacies.One more common sight during the time of Iftar is that people are distributing iftar packs to motorists stuck at traffic signals. These generous acts are being carried out on both personal basis and also by charity organizations and trusts every year since many years.

Source: Arab News

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