Monday, July 6, 2015

Indian Nurse handed over money collected from Dead body’s pocket

These days it seems that as the world is progressing, the integrity of its people is slowly but surely diminishing. Everyone in these modern times is looking for a quick fix or a quick gain, without putting in the time or the effort, or even considering whoever or whatever it may affect in whatever way. About half of the people out there would without hesitation pickup a wallet filled with cash and keep it, especially if nobody is looking for it. However there are those out there who do not believe in free hand outs and work for whatever they have.

Many social media users in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have raised their voice in support of an Indian nurse to be rewarded, after she had found more than SAR 20,000 from the pocket of a man, who had recently died in a car accident, and promptly turned it in to the hospital manager. She could have just kept the money and no one would have known about it ever.The accident had occurred on Tuesday as one minivan which was transporting six Indians on their way home from the airport. The accident occurred when the rear tire of the minivan blew out which caused the minivan to overturn many times and ultimately resulting in the death of the man while injuring all others present in the vehicle.

The local daily Sabq reported that the nurse handed the cash over to Rami Al Bakri, the manager of the hospital. One blogger named Tola said that even though the death of the Indian man is extremely saddening, some comfort and joy can be taken on the honesty, integrity and the high morals held by the nurse. The blogger added that the nurse definitely deserves a reward for a deed which has become a rarity in this day and age. Another blogger by the name of Aziza stated that her heart went out to the family of the victim; however she added that the nurse should definitely be rewarded. She wrote that she was sad about the fact that a man who had earned a living for his family by staying away from them was going home and was killed. The nurse who found the money did not however find any temptation to hide the money but instead handed it over, which should be rewarded

A blogger, Saeed, wrote that honesty has neither religion nor nationality. He added that honesty is an international value which should be respected everywhere in the world. He prayed that the nurse would get a reward for her honesty and holding high moral principles. He stated that she was an example which should be taken by everyone and implement her actions in our own lives. Her example should be used to help remove corruption and dishonesty from amongst us.It is estimated that around 1/3 of the total population of Saudi Arabia is made up by its expatriate workforce i.e. 9 Million expatriates from all over the world.

Source: Gulf News

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