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10 Interesting Facts about the Roman Colosseum2

The colloseum, which was built in the year 72 A.D, has remained the world’s largest amphitheater and is considered to be the most popular tourist attraction in Rome. The colloseum which stands as an iconic symbol of the history of Rome, this monument was once host to many inhuman games which included man fighting man and man fighting beast, however today it is considered as one of the wonders of the world. There is however a lot of facts about the colloseum which bit many people know about. So we have compiled an interesting list of facts which may just push the final button in making your next vacation to Rome, to visit the colloseum. Through these facts you can impress your accompanying spouse, family, friends or just other tourists wandering around the colloseum.

Interesting Facts about the Roman Colloseum
  1. The colloseum which is in Rome consists of over 80 entrances and is recorded to accommodate round about 50,000 spectators at any one time.
  2. Historians claim that more than 500,000 people have lost their lives in this colloseum and more than a million wild beasts and animals were killed throughout the duration that the colloseum held these men versus beast games.

  3. The last fight ever of the gladiatorial fights which have been showcased in movies like the Gladiator was fought in 435 A.D. after which the colloseum held no further brutal games.
  4. All the Romans in ancient times have free entry to the colloseum for all the events which were held inside the colloseum. Along with free entry there was also free food and drink for every roman citizen that attended these events.
  5. In the colloseum, the games, events and festivals that were held there, would last up to 100 days.
  6. When the ancient Romans got bored of the regular events, they used to flood the colloseum and place miniature ships and have them engage in naval battle as a form of entertainment.
  7. More than 60,000 Jewish slaves were used in the construction of the Colloseum in Italy. It reportedly took over 9 years to complete the great building.
  8. The destruction and devastation that has been caused to the colloseum is largely due to the numerous natural disasters that hit the structure. The worst damage occurred to the colloseum during the earthquakes of 847 A.D. and 1231 A.D.  This is the reason for all the damage that we see today on the colloseum.
  9. The Flavian Amphitheater was the original name of the colloseum when it was created. This was named after the Emperors of the Flavian Dynasty.
  10. This extremely popular monument of Rome was primarily built for three reasons. It was initially built as a gift from the Flavian Dynasty to the Citizens of Rome. This was done to increase the popularity of the Flavian dynasty. The other reason why the colloseum was built was to host and stage various events and forms of entertainment. This monument was also used to showcase.

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