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Is 27th Night of Ramadan the Lailatul Qadr?

The Night of Power, Lailatul Qadar is the most holy night in the Islamic Calendar; many Muslims around the world believe that it was on this night that the Holy Quran had been sent down from the heavens to the Earth. Many Muslims wrongly believe that only the night of 27th Ramadan is Lailatul Qadr, however this is just a misconception. The exact date of this Night of Power is unknown; however it is known that it occurs in one of the last ten odd nights of the month of Ramadan. (21, 23, 24, 27, 29). According to the Islamic Tradition, Muslims who will spend the entirety of these holy nights in worship to Allah will have all of their previous sins forgiven. Additionally they shall be granted the same amount of good deeds for 1,000 monthsof worship. (83.3 years).

Facts about Lailatul Qadr
An entire chapter of the Holy Quran named Al Qadr is completely devoted to explain the true merits of worship on the Lailatul Qadr.
In accordance with Islamic traditions, these are the signs of the Night of Power each year; a night of peace and moderate temperatures, moon which shines without rays, no shooting stars. When the sun rises, it will appear as a disk and no beams of light can be seen from the sun.
Some of the Muslims believe that the Holy Quran was revealed by the on this Holy Night to the Holy Prophet verse by verse over a period of twenty three years, when he was ordered by Allah to do so.
Any Muslim who can afford to take some time off of work should spend each one of those last ten days devoted in prayer, while hoping to find Lailatul Qadr. Muslims fast during the day and study and read the Quran at night.

Things to do on Lailatul Qadr
There are several things which have been islamically recommended for Muslims to do on this night. They should read the Holy Quran while also understanding the text by reading the translation in your language of preference.
You can also give charity, strive for forgiveness of your sins, make dua, pray and remember Allah in any way possible.

For the Lailatul Qadr, the Muslims should congregate in the mosques and pray as a congregation and worship Allah together for the entire night. Imams often deliver sermons and lessons about the best possible prayer to be made on that night.
On this night of power, several Muslims give money and other donations to charity. After fasting for more than 20 days, these acts are rewarded in great multiplication.

All Muslims around the world should also pray to our creator Allah to allow us to see another Ramadan, as the current one comes to an end. We should realize the importance of this day and do everything possible to wash away the majority of our sins which we have accumulated during our life. These days of blessings should not be wasted.

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