Saturday, July 18, 2015

Job Retention Campaign for the man who worked in Prophet’s Mosque for 40 Years

Saudi Society is enriched with social values and love for humanity. A recent demonstration in this regard is observed when Saudi society launched a campaign in support of an 80 Years old Man who has served half of his life in Masjid’e Nabvi. Muqtada, an 80 Years Old man, had been working as a veteran from last 40 years in the Masjid of The Holy Prophet (Blessings and peace be Upon HIM). Muqtada had been serving there for forty years that becomes exactly half of his life. He has been relieved from the duties a few days ago as the employer thinks he is now much old to perform the duties.

Social Activists, writers and common citizens are supporting a campaign to support Muqtada. They say that he shall be honored because of his long time services at that Holy Place and shall not be fired. Appeals have been launched on social media in his support; people have published his photograph and then made requests to his employer. They have demanded that the employer shall consider long time services of Muqtada and instead of dismissal from job Muqtada shall be given honor as an appreciation of his services.

Muqtada personally is really uncomfortable with the orders of company. He says that it was really hard for him to bear the news that the company has decided to relieve him from the services he had been giving. The decision is made on the basis of his old age.  Some of the citizens have made appeal to the state authorities and have urged that the Old man shall be awarded citizenship of the Kingdom or a permanent Iqama.  Some other people have come forward in support of Muqtada, they say that as a reward of his services Muqtada shall be given a salary permanently for his life time. They urge the government to honor the long service of Muqtada at the sacred Masjid.

Columnists and writers have also contributed in this support campaign. Hamad Al Majed writes in the newspaper Al Sharq Al Ausat, he says that he has talked to the administration of Saudi Bin Ladin group and has explained the officials about the purpose of this campaign launched in support of Muqtada. Monaira Al Qadeeb, a female writer has also played her part in this regard. She supports the campaign for the old man and she said that workers like Muqtada must be honored by the authorities.

Source: Arab News

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