Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lavish Welcome Back Home for Saudi Mother

One Saudi man has been criticized and praised at the same time after he had welcomed his mother back home with unexpected and unprecedented fanfare. The man who was from the oasis town of Sakakah, located in the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia, had extravagantly decorated his van and he cheerfully drove up to the Mitaab Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital to finally take his mother back home. Wishing her a fast and swift recovery, the local Sabq news site reported on Sunday, the pictures of the lavishly designed van, which expectedly went viral on the social media.

Going viral on social media ensued a huge amount of support from most people who thought that what he did was beautiful and also expressed their support of his actions, however not everyone was impressed or even happy with the actions of the son and said that his behavior was a disgrace and extremely ostentatious acts which were obviously cooked up to seek attention on social media. Saeed Al Fahmi had stated that his hopes and prayers were with the “grateful son”. He added that it was an extremely nice gesture and the effort he made to make his own mother happy was highly commendable. He further added that he wished the son, great fortunes for his life.

Faisal stated that he saluted this man who has openly expressed his love and affection for his mother. He added that the love and compassion between the mother and son would last forever, further adding that he hopes that all Muslim sons behave in a similar way to this boy. Abu Aref stated that all the mothers out there should be treated with the same class and the mother of this loving boy is fortunate to have him.

There were however also those who criticized the actions of the loving son. Abdullah stated that instead of a fancy decoration of their van and seeking attention on social media, the son should have just instead hosted a lunch for his mother. He could have bought gifts and distributed them amongst the needy or even new furniture for his mother. One blogger with the title of “Assistance” stated that he was extremely unhappy with the situation. He said that he has noticed that the society as a whole has gradually changed and moved towards acceptance of insignificant attitudes. The Assistant posted that such an extravagant and fabricated show which has been put on the social media, does not make any sense at all. He stated similarly to others who criticized the son, that he could have used the money to benefit the needy.

Even though the son was highly criticized for his display of love, a similar man who gifted his wife a car on her graduation day was highly applauded and people all over the world on social media started a trending hash tag to pay homage to the love which is shared between the spouses. Such public displays are a highly conservative thing in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Gulf News

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