Monday, July 13, 2015

Leftover Iftar is served to the Poor People

Hundreds of the young Saudis have been busy in the collection and repackaging of several tons of food which had been leftover and collected from different iftar and suhoor tables from their area. These young Saudis aim to provide this food to all of the needy people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A slogan at a local organization named the “Collector of Leftover Food” stated “Did you know there are several poor families who are in need of food, who go to bed hungry and sad, while huge amounts of perfectly good leftovers form weddings and parties are discarded.”

A source from the Faisaliah branch of the AlbarAssociation spoke to Arab News and stated that there were several young Saudi volunteers who are ready to pick up any and all edible and clean food from the houses of people that want to donate. These young volunteers can be called and they will come collect the food, and then repackage it at their volunteer center. It is estimated that around 4,500 tons of perfectly edible food goes to waster in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, every day. A study conducted by the King Saud University’s department of agricultural sciences stated that around 30 percent of the four million dishes prepared daily in the month of Ramadan are discarded.

Only in Jeddah, the total food wastage in the entire year accumulates to around 4,000 tons per day. This number increases in the month of Ramadan. Khodran H Al Zahrani from the agricultural sciences college at the KSU stated that there was no possible accurate statistic which could report the exact amount of food that is wasted in the Kingdom. He added however that there was an upward trend in the amount of food that is discarded over the years. He states that these days it is not uncommon to see a half-eaten meal, sandwich, bread, rice or other food being dumped into the garbage cans in the Kingdom. The serving of good quality food is a vital component of the Saudi culture hence the wastage is inevitable. Al Zahrani also blamed the cafes, restaurants and hotels for their huge amount of food wastage, citing their lavishly spread tables during Ramadan and Eid festivals as the main reason for food wastage.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization and the United Nations, approximately 1.3 trillion tons of food waste is generated around the world on an annual basis. In one of their more recent reports, the FAO stated that all of the food waste which is generated from the developing countries is mainly due to the unavailability of proper means of storage.

Due to the fact that this huge amount of excessive waste which is accumulating on earth is an economic as well as environmental problem of extreme importance, this organization has urged all the residents of all the nations on earth to make sure to their fullest extent that all of the excess food leftover at their tables will be given to the poor rather than being thrown in the garbage. This is a good way to improve on the global food security.

Source: Arab News

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