Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why you should never take your wife for Dinner during Week Days?

Women are highly unpredictable and complex individuals. They tend to often over think simple occurrences which can often lead to disaster. The other day my friend made one decision which turned out to become a disaster. The friend of mine decided to take his wife out to dinner. This news soon went viral on his wife’s social media accounts and she started receiving several tweets and warning messages.One of the friends of his wife started praying for her and wrote a message which implied that bad news was about to follow. Several other friends of hers also flooded her social media accounts with messages or rather warnings with the same exact message, though in different words. The social media notifications got so bad, that the dinner had to be cut short.

Another one of her friends wrote that this had happened with her as well, and when her husband invited her to dinner, he told her at dinner that he had taken a second wife. I know this can be highly feared subject for women; however such levels of pessimistic thought and constant worrying will just make your partner more distant from you. I don’t see how a man inviting his wife out for dinner should become a topic of concern for the wife, let alone anyone else.There is no explanation as to why many women jump to conclusions which are, more often than not, negative. Women do not realize that the invitation to dinner could just be a spur of the moment thing, or it could also be appreciation for the wife for being a really good wife, why does there have to be a negative aspect to it, every time.

Women often think that men do not just invite their wife for dinner in the middle of the week, and hence are quick to sympathize with her friends, because that’s what girls do. You should never under estimate the power of a suspicious wife, let alone a group of suspicious wives. It was shocking to see that all of my friend’s wife’s female friends were more or less of the same attitude, which was highly negative. They thought that men only try and over compensate by doing things like these, when they have either committed a grave mistake or done something which might displease the wife.

One Gulf Newspaper recently published a message from a woman along the same lines. In it was another woman who stated that her husband had taken her out to dinner, and after they had ordered dinner, he said he had to tell her something, but would do so after dinner. She asked her fellow readers to help her understand why he might have done this. The results were as expected, the majority of the women replied with the same negative responses and tragic stories that flooded my friend’s wife’s social media accounts.

They say you should learn from mistakes, so I advise you, don’t take your wife out in suspicious circumstances, and let her know beforehand so that you can actually enjoy your meal together.

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