Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Born Baby found in a Village with some Money

A child is seen as a blessing by many people regardless of their faith, creed or culture. Albeit there are also those who give preference towards having a boy rather than a girl, that is a discussion which is entirely for another time. A child can bring many happy moments into one’s life, and helping raise a child can help discover hidden things you may have never known about yourself or your significant other.A child can also however become your worst nightmare.

Babies which are born out of wedlock, although given a harsh title, are also often abandoned near mosques or churches so that they can live on without knowing who their parents were.One such abandoned baby was found from right here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is reported that one lucky Saudi citizen (lucky for the child), found a newborn baby which had been wrapped up in a tiny piece of cloth and had been left in a garden in the Saudi village of Al Majardah. The Saudi citizen explained to the media during his talks that he heard faint sounds of crying from somewhere in the village, he further followed the crying noise which lead him to the garden where he himself was surprised to find a newborn baby, looking perfectly healthy.

However that was not the only thing that the Saudi citizen found in the garden. Next to the newborn baby, the man saw some money which had been obviously left by whoever had left the child to be rescued from the garden. True to his commonsense, the man immediately called up the police and the respective authorities arrived there swiftly and took charge of the baby and also questioned the man as to what circumstances he found the child in and whether he saw anyone leave the baby or leaving from the area. The entire news story was reported by the local daily Sabq newspaper.

After the police and the respective authorities had conducted their thorough research and analysis the authorities contacted the Red Crescent about the matter who happily accepted to take care of and raise the baby in one of their facilities, and thus the baby was handed over to them.

As of right now, we have no reports as to why the baby had been abandoned or discarded in the first place. Additionally nobody has yet claimed this child to be theirs or have admitted discarding their child, but whoever they were; they do not deserve their baby if they abandoned him willingly.

A newborn is probably the most defenseless creation to roam the earth, whoever the parents might have been must have had a stone cold heart for leaving the child at the will and mercy of total strangers.We wish the child a happy and prosperous future.

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