Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Jobs Opening: Executioners Required in Saudi Arabia

The state authorities had advertised the job vacancy for eight people to be appointed as executioners. These executioners are supposed to implement the death sentences awarded by courts of law on different crimes. Usually, this death sentence is implemented by public beheading. Since the advertisement is placed on webpage, from that moment on wards, this news is a being treated in a special way by the international, especially western media. The guardian, Fox news, Reuters, BBC, Times, CNN etc are talking about it. One of the western newspapers writes that Saudi Arabia has advertised for the vacant post of executioners. They are given the task of completing the death sentence being awarded by the courts of Kingdom. This is usually implemented by beheading the culprits publically. This extra staff is now required as the number of death sentences awarded by court is now increasing.   The advertised job does not require any special qualification, as it is mentioned in ad posted on the jobs portal of civil service webpage. Main task assigned to these people is to execute the death sentence and also to carry out amputation to the people convicted of slighter crimes. 

The newspaper then mentions statistics of worldwide death sentences (with reference of Amnesty International) and explains that Saudi Arabia is among the five countries those are considered the top most countries those put the people to death. Saudi Arabia is given 3rd rank in the list (China and Iran) are the top two countries in this regard and Iraq and USA come afterwards. Sources of Amnesty International quote that Saudi Arabia beheaded 85 people in 2014. HRW says that 38 people were beheaded because they were involved in drugs smuggling and others were convicted because of murder. The organization itself mentions that about 50% of the executed people were Saudis and others were from 11 different countries including Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, India, Sudan and Jordan.  The journalist does not have an exact idea that why the number of death sentences has increased but he writes that the diplomats mention that it has increased because more judges are appointed and the pending cases are decided. He has also made a speculation that this increase in number of death sentences may represent the hard-hitting response of judiciary for those involved in the regional instability.

Western Media shows its concerns that according to their (western) standards, death sentence and then beheading is an inhuman punishment. They also criticize the death sentence to those who are involved in offences other than murder. They also criticize the award of death penalty to the culprits involved in smuggling of arms, drugs dealing and other crimes those do not result in loss of life.  We have also mentioned in a previous writing that the Western standards of Human Rights are ridiculous. ALLAH Almighty, the only Creator of the universe, The One Who gives food to each and every creature of the universe, the one who is most merciful has given a divine law about the day to day matters of human beings and that law is the ultimate superior law. Those who try to be champions of human rights and they criticize the Saudi state authorities for implementation of death sentence and other punishment shall take care of their own countries.

The human rights activists who are of the view that beheading is inhuman and cruel punishment shall explain than what the remedy for accused is. Those who present statistics and claim that number of death sentence in the Kingdom has increased and those who compare between the numbers of death sentences announced in Saudi Arabia and in other countries shall also compare the crime rate between Saudi Arabia and those counties. Crux of the debate is that the countries who claim to be champions of humanity and oppose capital punishments are in fact in worst condition of human rights. They have rapists, they have mad assassins, they have rackets of drug dealers and the societies are corrupt from head to toe, even the statesmen and those who hold the office of president of the state or prime minister or they are members of the legislative assembly of the state are morally corrupt. Their scandals about illicit sexual relations are seen in the newspaper on every second day.

So the champions of humanity shall stop criticizing Saudi Arabia for the punishments carried out for the ultimate betterment of the public at large and they must take care of the crying humanity in their respective countries. Humanity needs their care in their own countries.

Source: The Guardian

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