Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Regulations for Iftar at Grand Mosques

The General Presidency for the Two Holy Mosques has recently announced new regulations which would be implemented during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The new regulations are regarding the Iftar (breaking of the fast) which would be held in the Grand Mosque. The news was reported by the Makkah daily, in which they said that the Director of Cleaning at the presidency, Maher Al Zahrani stated that these new regulations had been announced to help upkeep the cleanliness at the Grand Mosque.

The Director of cleaning added that the Nylon spreads being used during Iftar, must all be of the same color and should also be at least 50 microns thick. These Nylon spreads will cover almost 65 kilometers in length. The dates which will be served at the Iftar must also be fresh and should have been pitted to avoid the seeds clogging up the sewers. The General Presidency expects the charity organizations that are organizing the Iftar to be completely and totally responsible by appointing supervisors and enlisting the help of volunteers to set up the Iftar and clean up afterwards.The directorates have decided to only allow the appointed members of the charities organizing the Iftar, to go in and set up the Iftar. These appointed members will be allowed in, half an hour after the Asr prayers from the side entrance of the Mosque, which will give them plenty of time to set up the Iftar.

It is expected that everything will be cleaned up and cleared around five minutes after the call for Maghrib Prayers is over. The director added that empty trolleys have been stationed near every entrance, and it is in these trolleys that the volunteers can dispose of the waste and rubbish. The trolleys will be then pushed away by workers under the director of cleaning. The director also added that many of the people perform ablutions or Wudu with the water of Zamzam which is an utter waste of the Holy Water and also causes several Hazards. He further added that all those visiting and praying in the mosques should also clean up after themselves to help promote the cleanliness of Mosques.

All visitors should throw their trash in the trash bags and should not bring any of their own foods and drinks. Visitors should also consume a modest and moderate amount of Coffee, Zamzam water and date, even though around 70 tons of dates will be distributed every day. All visitors to the mosque are also requested to put their shoes only in the designated location.The director states that in the yester years, the directorate would have to discard more than 167 tons of Garbage, trash and rubbish every day and during the last three days of Ramadan the trash would weigh up to 300 tons per day.

Personally, I believe that it is the duty of every Muslim to ensure that the mosque in their area should be the cleanest and brightest one; this attitude will help keep mosques clean.

Source: Saudi Gazette
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