Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4 Online Shopping Websites which sell Belly Dancing Costumes

Belly dancing is a part of the Gulf region’s tradition which is adored by people of all races, regions and cultures. The term belly dance is a western name given to the traditional dance found in the Middle Eastern region. This belly dancing has several different forms, which vary according to the region they are performed in. These variations are present in both the costumes and the style of dancing, while new styles have also developed as popularity of this dance grew in the west, and spread globally.The belly dancing costume is primarily associated with the bediah style which literally means suit. This style consists of a fitted top, a fitted belt at the hip and harem pants or skirts which are of full length.

The top and the belt may be decorated with lace, crystals, sequins and embroidery depending again on the region of the costume. The belt is sometimes sewn into the pants or skirt but can also be worn separately.These belly dancing costumes have been glorified in movies while depicting Arab lands in movies depicting ancient times and also through musicians who have incorporated belly dancing into their different genres and style of music or singing. Singer Shakira is one such example of a Spanish singer incorporating belly dancing moves into her music performance.

These belly dancing costumes are not only for professional belly dancers but can also be bought and worn by any woman who wants, however the revealing nature of this beautifully crafted dress, makes it impossible for the woman to wear it in front of anyone except for her husband. Not many women know where they can find and buy these beautiful dresses, especially on the internet, hence we have provided our readers with a few reliable online stores which sell these dresses in a wide array of colors and designs which will allow women to buy these dresses in their favorite colors and designs.

  1. First off we have Saudi Souq allows all the citizens of Saudi Arabia an easy online shopping experience, that too from the comfort of their own homes, women can find a wide variety of belly dancing dresses on the websites in many different sizes, so whatever your choice of color or your size maybe you can surely find it here. Dresses often get sold out quick, so grab yours while you still can.
  2. Next up we have Ebay is one of the household names in the western world when it comes to an open online marketplace where buyers and sellers can interact with each other and buy, sell or trade whatever they might have to offer.
  3. Thirdly we have AliExpress. Ali Express is the Ebay of the eastern Asia. The online shopping website offers thousands of online sellers and millions and millions of products which can include just about everything you can think of. Since it is mostly shipped from eastern Asia and passes customs screening it takes a bit longer for the product to arrive, but as of yet I have not heard anyone complain after using Ali Express.
  4. Finally we have the BellyDanceStore.Biz. As the name suggests it is everything belly dancing, from profiles of different belly dancers, to testimonials from previous customers and also an online store. Be sure to check it out to learn more about belly dancing and to get to know the world of belly dancing.

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