Thursday, July 2, 2015

Princess Adelah Bint Abdullah visits Taj Mahal

Princess Adelah Bint Abdullah al-Saud is an extremely influential member of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. She is one of the few princesses in the Kingdom who hold great influence over the politics involved in the development of Saudi Arabia, especially in women-related issues such as employment, education and even health.Princess Adelah Bint Abdullah al-Saud is the daughter of the late Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz al-Saud, and she ended her tour of India which lasted for about 6 days. The Princess Adelah who is also the Saudi Heritage Preservation Society and National Museum Advisory Board’s Chairperson made her diplomatic visit to India accompanied by a 12 member delegation, who were supposed to visit the country on Invitation from the ICCR also known as the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

The visit by the Princess and the delegation was a part of the Program known as the Distinguished Visitors Programme which was being held in 2012 and 2013 according to official reports. During her stay in the country, Princess Adelah met many state officials. The Princess, in her meetings, discussed matters of mutual interest between the two countries.Along with these official meetings, Princess Adelah also visited the representatives of some Institutions from the field of Art and Culture. She also familiarized herself with India’s great experience in the field of museums and antiquities from different eras in the sub-continent.

During her numerous meetings with the officials of the National Museum and the Archaeological Survey of India, Princess Adelah stated that she was keen on developing the training and the education for the conservation of art and the restoration of historic artifacts. She also stated that heritage sites which included museum displays and exhibitions, the proper documentation of the antiquities and the proper upkeep of the museums need to be revamped and the country, should take more care and pride with their historical artifacts and those artifacts which showcase culture and heritage of the Indian sub-continent and its history.

However being the great lover of beautiful art that the Princess Adelah is, she also visited the Taj Mahal, which we hear was of the top most priority to the Princess. The Taj Mahal is a symbol of great beauty built during the time of the Mughal Empire and probably the most renowned thing about India as it is also a wonder of the world.  Since she is an art connoisseur she was very happy at visiting the Taj Mahal and also praised the staff responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Taj Mahal for their excellent job at keeping the beauty of the magnificent building true to its reputation.

Even though the visit to Taj Mahal would be the end of her official visit to India, she spent as much time at the beautiful site as she could to truly admire its beauty and the ambience of the rich history surrounding the Taj Mahal.  After Princess Adelah left the Taj Mahal she flew off to Riyadh along with her entire envoy to officially conclude her official foreign visit to India.

Source: ICCR

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