Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Procedure to Park Car in Auto Parking Project of Jeddah

The Jeddah Municipality has started an Auto Parking Project in partnership with the private sector. “The National Parking Company” and it has aimed to provide at least 5000 paid parking spots in the downtown area of Jeddah city. Around 38 streets have been covered so far in the project which has been contracted in 8 areas.The Jeddah Municipality has also advised all of the drivers to abide with the new guidelines and signs while parking within the area of the auto parking before buying a ticket from the devices located at the side of each of these roads.The procedure for parking will be;

  1. Park the car inside the space which has been assigned for parking.
  2. Head to the nearest parking ticket device and enter the correct number of the parking space.
  3. The parking ticket should be bought for the desired amount of parking time.
  4. The ticket should be left on the dashboard and it must be visible from the windscreen.
  5. The car should be moved before the time runs out.

Methods of Payment by Auto Parking Project of Jeddah
It should be noted that these parking devices will operate from 8 am right up to 11 pm from Saturday to Thursday. The working hours will be displayed on each device during Ramadan.Like most new projects and initiatives, there will be a bit of confusion in the first few days; however these parking meters will prove to be extremely efficient and effective. The aim of this article is to ease some of the confusion and help the process get along smoothly.There are mainly 3 methods of payment being offered by the Auto Parking Project in Jeddah city and they are;

  1. Electronic account which will basically be a virtual account in the parking program which can be used to pay for the parking, this program or initiative offers other services as well such as Open Electronic Account, Change the pin number, Add balance or credit to your account, Payment of the parking service, Payment of the traffic tickets.
  2. Payment by coins
  3. Payment by Smart Phone Application (coming soon)

The downtown Jeddah area hosts many traffic jams each and every day and also face a lot of abandoned cars and these reasons are exactly why the Jeddah Municipality is trying hard and fast to resolve this use through this new parking project.The aims of the new parking project are;

  1. To provide a wider footpath or walking area for the pedestrians and shoppers alike and to ensure smooth swift movement in the downtown area.
  2. Rearranging of the parking slots and the pavements which will allow better flow of traffic. This will also help emergency vehicles to reach their destinations quickly.
  3. The overhaul of the walking pavement so that it could be made more handicapped friendly.
  4. Increase the number of space available for parking.
  5. Eradicate wrong parking jobs
  6. Eliminate the common act of parking on pavements.

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