Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Procedure to Pay Transfer of Sponsorship Fee Online

We have explained in detail the procedure to transfer of sponsorship from one sponsor to another in this link “Procedure to Transfer Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia”. We have also explained in detail that it is the responsibility of the new sponsors to pay the fee of transfer of sponsorship under Saudi Labor Law. If you are looking for specific references in this regard, I would request you to check this article in detail. “Responsibility of Iqama Transfer Fee under Saudi Labor Law”.  What is the fee for transfer of sponsorship?  You can check this in the below table.

Fee for Iqama Transfer
Amount (SR)
Fee for First Iqama Transfer
SR 2,000/-
Fee for Second Iqama Transfer
SR 4,000/-
Fee for Third Iqama Transfer & onwards
SR 6,000/-

Today we will guide you about the procedure to pay Transfer of Sponsorship fee using internet banking in Saudi Arabia. We are using Al Rajhi Internet Banking here. However, the procedure for other banks is also the same. You need to login to your internet banking account first of all. Now you need to click on the “Payments” and then “Government Payments” tab. A new screen will open from where you need to select “Expatriate Services” as shown in the below screenshot.

After this, you will have to select “Payment” in Transaction Type and “Transfer of Sponsorship” in the Application Type. You will be required to enter the Iqama number at the step 3 and then click on the “Proceed” button as shown in the below screenshot.

A new screen will be opened where details about the iqama holder is mentioned. Make sure that all the details entered are correct. System will fetch the amount of fee to be paid automatically based upon the number of transfers already made. For example, it is second transfer of the iqama holder and system is asking me to pay SR 4,000 for him. If details are correct, just click on the “Confirm” button.

Once the amount is paid in the system, you can check on the MOI website that the amount is successfully paid. You can check this by following the instructions given in this link “Check Available Funds under Iqama

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