Thursday, July 9, 2015

Qatar Newspaper Editor resigns over Kama Sutra Image

The media, be it social or paper or any other form, is a very powerful entity. It has the means and capability to change people’s perspective and opinions while they can also attract great attention to a certain subject, news or activity which creates so much pressure that authority have to take action. Hence it is the duty of the media to be completely honest with their viewership and also not display any inappropriate or false image which may disturb, offend or irritate anyone out there.The editor is the most important person in the media industry, more so in the papers. Everything that is printed goes through them and they have the authority to grant the final approval before it is sent for printing. Hence when a newspaper prints inappropriate acts from the Kama sutra, then obviously the editor will come into question.

The editor in chief of Qatar newspaper, Jaber Al Harmi resigned from his office soon after an explicit picture was printed in his newspaper. The picture depicted woman’s hands which were covered in traditional henna designs while also depicting scenes from the Kama Sutra. For those who may not know, the Kama Sutra is an old Indian famous manual for intimacy.In the Monday copy of the newspaper, this particular picture had been printed under the health section. The post or topic of this picture was the dangers of henna. Although the newspaper might have only wanted to add the henna covered hands of the lady in the picture, however they somehow missed out the rest of the picture which showed an image of a couple engaging in intimate relations.

Jaber Al Harmi went on the newspapers official website and described the accident as a mistake made unintentionally. He also added that it was the worst mistake in his career which spanned over 25 years, and he also took the full responsibility for the unfortunate accident. He further added that it was his moral responsibility to resign from his office after such an incident; however we are still unsure if the resignation has been accepted by the people in charge at the newspaper.

Harmi added that even apologizing is not enough for such a grave mistake as printing inappropriate images in the media. He stated that the paper and the journalists have drawn a red line which no one should cross, and since today it has been crossed, he has resigned.Furthermore he said that he has learnt through this mistake that our society and community have strong moral and religious values, and they will not tolerate something indecent like this being exposed to them.

Like in most cases these days, Twitter got involved, and Harmi took to Twitter too, and announced that all those responsible for the mistake had been let go by the newspaper. However his tweets received much attention when people started telling him to retain his position and let those who are directly responsible for the error be let go of from the newspaper.

Source: Times of India

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