Sunday, July 26, 2015

Saudi Arabia Launches SMS Services to Report Crimes

It is the core responsibility of every government and every authority to ensure that the citizens of their country are provided for. Governments and other official authorities do not take into account or rather should not take into account caste, religion, creed or any other aspect or feature in any citizen which makes them different or unique. Governments should aim at providing facilities to ensure that those of us who are born without one or more of our senses i.e. hearing, vision etc. or those of us with physical handicaps live a life at par with those with no such handicaps. This will ensure that each and every citizen feels like an equal part of the community.

Such developments and facilities have been provided in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the Al Qassim Public Security Department has come up with a unique new mechanism or technology which will help those of us with impaired hearing or those who are deaf in the reporting of crimes through a special SMS service. The special text message will reach straight to the Public Security Departments operation room. Major Khaled Al Motairy, the director of the department gave a presentation to around 70 hearing impaired people from the region, where the director stated that the new mechanism will help them report traffic accidents, fires or any other complaints to the police.

The director specified that in the text message, they need to address the city name and the location of the incident, which would then be followed by a space and asterisk and then the type of incident, finally another space and asterisk and the exact location of the crime before sending the message to 999. Major Khaled Al Motairy unveiled the department of patrol’s aim and initiatives to open an office which would serve as a coordinator and would extend their round the clock services to people with impaired hearing.

However Major Al Motairy also added in his statement that they themselves also need to be careful of committing any sort of traffic violations. The Major said that no leniency will be show to many traffic law violators, regardless of the fact that they might have special needs or not. He stated that the traffic laws and rules are meant to be applicable to everyone without even the slightest exception or exemption. It was recently also announced that the Kingdom plans to offer a financial aid to each and every disabled person in the Kingdom to purchase a car of their choice. The statement made by the Major has made it extremely clear that they too will be subject to traffic laws and regulations.

If anyone is given exemption from these traffic laws it should be emergency vehicles only such as ambulances, fire trucks, police cars and that too only when it is truly the time of emergency and not all the time. This is essential to deter people from breaking traffic laws and regulations for their own benefits.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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