Thursday, July 9, 2015

Al Shammari: A Saudi who stopped the running car to stop woman kidnapping

Heroes are present within our society, and not necessarily do they have to wear masks or capes. A hero can come to your help in such a time, when you feel that all is lost. That is exactly what makes them a hero. When you think that there is no solution to your problem, that there is absolutely no way out, and suddenly someone steps in and saves you, or gets rid of your problem, that is a hero, a savior.Heroes don’t necessarily exist solely in New York, like most or rather all the super hero movies depict them to be, or maybe in London. These heroes exist in all societies under various names, and various occupations. Sometimes even they do not know that they are heroes until the time truly comes and they let their light shine.

One such hero under the disguise of a common man is from right here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who courageously and valiantly, regardless of his own safety, saved the lives of another Saudi couple. The brave man, Aa’ed Al Shammari was driving down the King Khalid Hail road thinking it would be just another routine day, which would start and end like clockwork. However something would happen which would make him into a hero in the eyes of whom he helped save.Al Shammari, while driving, noticed one woman in an adjacent car trying hard to signal passing cars for help. Al Shammari automatically assumed that the woman had been kidnapped and needed help hence he started chasing the car which was already travelling way above the speed limit. He continued his chase despite the high speeds and tried his best to stop the speeding car.

Even though Al Shammari’s car was brand new, he didn’t hesitate for a second before slightly nudging the car which ultimately caused damage to both the speeding car and to Al Shammari’s car. Once the car stopped, Al Shammari quickly sprinted to the aid of the woman thinking her kidnapper would try and take off once again, however he never expected what he was about to see.

The woman had been riding passenger to her epileptic husband who while driving had experienced an epileptic episode. Since the husband was still stiff due to the episode his foot was rammed hard against the accelerator, once Shammari moved his own car away, the car then went ahead to crash into 7 other cars which had stopped or were passing by.

Since so many cars had been damaged a lot of crowd gathered who finally managed to take out the epileptic man from his car and he was taken to the nearest medical facility for treatment. The couple later on thanked Al Shammari for his brave efforts which probably saved the life of the couple and for that they were extremely grateful. The couple even did the decent thing and got Al Shammari’s car repaired to its original brand new condition.

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