Thursday, July 9, 2015

Saudi Man Granted last wish of meeting her Mother

No bond can ever replace the bond that is present between the mother and her children, whether it is humans or animals. No matter how powerful, rich or famous one might become for their mother they will always be their little child. Even though the father is seen as the patriarchal head of the family, it is often the mother who is more connected with the children. Some parents even employ the good cop, bad cop routine so that the mother is the good cop and the father is the bad cop, which again draws the children closer to their mother.Being the huge mama’s boy that I am, I know what I am writing is definitely true, not only through my experience, but through other peoples experiences too. A mother sacrifices all her needs, wants and desires to fulfill all the demands and wishes of her children, to the utmost best of her capability. No matter what the child does, the mother cannot naturally love her child any less.

One story about the love for a mother, her child possesses has come up from right here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A Saudi man named Dhawi Bin Faisal Al Otaibi had been accused and then convicted of the murder of his Kuwaiti friend named Khalid Raja Al Thafiri, almost seven years ago. The official story is that a fight took place between the two friends, during which the Kuwaiti was killed. The Interior Ministry in Kuwait had ordered the death sentences of Al Otaibi a few days ago and had also sentenced two others accused of crimes of the homicidal nature.Many people over history have been hanged due to their crimes, and most of these people receive one dying wish before they are executed or hung. The man in question today, Al Otaibi, was offered a similar last dying wish. People whose dying wishes have been recorded have often asked for various things like religious clerics so that they might find some closure before their death, however Al Otaibi asked for one last chance to meet and spend time with his mother.

Even though Al Otaibi is a convicted murderer, my eyes could not help but tear up over this. How hard must it have been for the mother to meet her son knowing that it would be the last time? How hard would it have been on Al Otaibi, knowing that he is about to be executed soon, and what might be going through his mind while meeting his mother for the very last time? Even though we may never know this we can safely assume that it would have been an emotional last meeting.

Sheikh Fahad Al Sabah, who is the Assistant Deputy Minister of Information for TV affairs in Kuwait, strongly denied the vicious rumors that the execution of Al Otaibi had been aired live on Kuwaiti TV for all to watch.

In wake of all that is going around the world, I dedicate this to all mothers who lost their children, and to all those children who lost their mothers.

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