Monday, July 13, 2015

Saudi Man Loses SR 1 million and His Bride

The stock market can very well be the best representation of an economic jungle. The stock market is filled with predators, leeches and those who have no clue as to what is actually going on. Much like the regular jungles, the stock market is filled with risks and danger at every possible corner and whether you choose to overcome these risks and perils or you fall down face first, is what actually differentiates the King of the Jungle from everything else. Like brawn is essential to survival of the animals in the jungle, brain is important for the survival of man in the stock market. Those who are extremely luck one day, may become dirt poor and broke the very next day, which is what makes the game of stocks, highly unreliable.

The stock markets were initially glorified by Wall Street which is home to the New York stock exchange. Stock brokers and those who worked in Wall Street were often shown as extremely young and extremely wealthy. Great wealth at an early age often results in a lot of women finding you attractive all of a sudden. The combination of wealth and women at an early age is what caused many of these Wall Street brokers to fade away as quickly as they rose up.Now we may be talking about Wall Street but the stock market operates in the same way in all other countries, where stockbrokers become kings and peasants over night. One such unlucky person was from right here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This particular Saudi man, who has not been named, received a text message stating that he had lost all of his money in the stock market last week.

Now this news alone could cause a severe shock to any man, regardless of how strong he may be, however when the Saudi man’s future wife came to know about her future husband’s misfortune, she did not hesitate before jumping ship. The woman called off the marriage right on the wedding day when she came to know that man has lost SR 1 million (all his money) in stock trading.The Saudi man had made quite a fortune trading stock in the early stages, however the greed for more and more money got to him and he invested all that he had, not keeping in mind the risks associated with stocks. Left with neither his beautiful young future bride, nor his hard earned money which would be his lifeline, the Saudi man collapsed and was taken to the hospital to be revived and to receive medical attention.

Every stock broker who has been successful in the long run will tell those wanting to become a stock broker, that if they want to survive they have to resist the urge or their greed to earn more than they already are as sometimes it can cause them to have a situation similar to what the Saudi man is facing.

As for the future wife, she obviously didn’t want to get married to someone who just lost all his life savings, however she decided what was best for her and didn’t think about the man.

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