Friday, July 10, 2015

Saudi Prince Donates SR 100,000 to the Poor bride whose Wedding Dress caught Fire

Marriage is probably the most important event to take place in one’s life after their Birth. It is sort of like getting your bachelors degree and stepping into the real world to look for a job. Being married changes a person, for the better. They become more organized, civilized and also responsible as they are not only responsible for themselves but also their significant other and their children, if they have any.Marriage in the Muslim world is often celebrated with as much glitz, glamour and extravagance as the royal weddings and each one becomes as royal, as their budget allows them to be. Moreover a lot of loans are taken to ensure that the Marriage ceremony is grand and lavish even if it cannot be afforded. Marriages in the Kingdom include guests by the hundreds, which also results in food being prepared for these people which is more than what is required, resulting in a lot of wastage.

Although these problems might be faced by either the groom or his family, the woman has only a few things to worry about. The woman who is about to get married will want to look her best, and it will be of her topmost priority that her wedding dress is on point. During the hustle and bustle of the marriage nobody expects a disaster to take place, well right until it does take place and leave the bride, groom and their families dumbstruck.Recently we came to know about a woman whose wedding dress, her dowry and some other things prepared for her new married life were all destroyed when a massive blaze engulfed the entire house. This house belonged to the father of the girl, where she used to live prior to her marriage. The fire burnt the house and their valuables almost 1 month before their wedding ceremony. The media obviously plastered the news everywhere and this is where something good comes in.

Prince Saud Bin Nayef, who is the Governor of the Eastern Province in KSA, reportedly read about the unfortunate incident in a newspaper and immediately got in touch with the family of the bride to offer his help to ensure her wedding takes place. The Governor Prince compensated the family of the bride by donating SAR 100,000 so that she could replace her wedding dress as well as the dowry amount which burnt to the ground.  The bride and her family were extremely grateful at the Prince Governor for his generosity and thanked him for his donation which would cover the cost of the dowry and wedding dress.

Incidents like these prove that even royalty are after all human beings whose heart aches for their countrymen and countrywomen. Royalty, who are often seen as aloof and distant from their public are often unjustly classified which has been proven by Prince Saud Bin Nayef. The Governor Prince also called up the family of the bride afterwards and wished the bride a long and happy married life.

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