Friday, July 10, 2015

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Using Miswak

The Miswak is a traditional natural toothbrush, which is also 100 percent organic. The miswak is obtained from the twigs of the Arak tree which is also called the Peelu Tree. A few other trees like olive or walnut trees can also be used for this. This stick which aids in the cleaning of our teeth can be seen as an extremely strange object in either non Muslim or western societies. People will obviously react to someone chewing on, or cleaning your teeth with a piece of wood, if they haven’t seen anything like it before. However this is not such a strange or unique sight in Muslim countries where it has been used since ages. Muslims also do this as it is Sunnah, something which the Holy Prophet S.A.W practiced himself.

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Using Miswak
Kills bacteria which cause gum disease.
Fights the plaque in your mouth effectively. The bark contains an antibiotic which aids in suppressing the formation of plaque and the growth of bacteria. It is scientifically proven that regular use of miswak greatly reduces carcinogenic bacteria, gingivitis and also plaque.
It possesses some great antibacterial properties.
If it is used on a regular basis, it brightens and also whitens your teeth leaving them with glowing.

Creates a nice fragrance in your mouth, and removes bad breath.
It possesses tooth enamel strengthening properties such as potassium, calcium oxide, sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride.
Greatly beneficial to the teeth without the help of any additional products or chemicals.
The miswak cleans between the teeth as well, due to its bristles it acts as floss as well as a toothbrush.
Inhibits the dry mouth by increasing salivation.
As it is 100 percent organic people prefer to use these instead of toothpaste as they contain fluoride which is known to be very harmful if ingested.
Aids in the preservation and improving of our taste buds.

If you are a habitual tea or coffee drinker, or use any tobacco products, then miswak will help remove the stains from your teeth.
The shape of the miswak is more conventional than the huge toothbrushes hence it aids us in reaching the tight spots for more effective cleaning.
You can save money on buying expensive toothbrushes from time to time, as after you are done using miswak you can simply cut off the used part and it becomes as good as new.
Miswak aids in removing toothache and also developing your taste buds.
It assists in our digestive system and also clears the voice.

The world renowned Wrigley company, known best for their mint and chewing gum products, conducted a study in which it was found that the mints that had been laced with miswak were about 20 times more stronger than ordinary gum. The miswak mints killed around 60 percent of the bacteria in the mouth where as regular mint did only 3.6 percent.


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