Monday, July 20, 2015

Self Defense Tips for Women Living in Saudi Arabia

Among the two genders God has made women more vulnerable than men. But despite being vulnerable they are not powerless or defenseless creatures as some might think. Men have been preying on women since the start of humanity when they prove that men are nothing just animals who have been socialized and groomed to represent a better class of animals. For the protection from such men women need to learn to defend themselves. Self-defense courses are very common in the western culture and rightly so, as the crime rate especially the crime against women is very common in the western world. Islam is the only religion in the world which provides maximum protection to the women, but despite this, crimes against women does happen in Islamic world. Now a days self-defense classes for women have become a necessity and if the women are not taking the classes due to unavailability they need to learn some basic self-defense skills so that they may protect themselves when necessary.

Self Defense Tips for Women Living in Saudi Arabia
  1. Remember the Emergency Numbers: The first and foremost thing that women should know and memorize, are the emergency numbers specially the numbers for police and rescue. For Saudi women the emergency number for police is 999, fire/rescue is 998 and that of public ambulatory service is 997. Try to memorize all the emergency numbers given in the link “Emergency Numbers in Saudi Arabia
  2. Safety in Elevator: If you are in and elevator along with a person who you feel generates wrong vibes then you should stand next to the floor buttons and inconspicuously press all the floor buttons. This will cause the elevator to open on every floor, preventing the attacker to harass you in any way.
  3. Download Safety Apps on your Mobile: Another measure that you can take for preventive purpose is downloading safety apps in your phone. For example my panic alarm is an app which plays a loud flashing alarm with just the touch of an icon. If you thing that you are in a potentially unsafe situation all you should do is press the alarm every minute so that they may remain alert.  Another app is ‘send help’ which send the location of the user on every logged social networking site as well as send emails or SMS to preset contacts to alert them to the gravity of the situation.
  4. Keep Pepper Spray in your Purse: Another preventive measure that you can take is purchasing and keeping in bag self-defense items for example a pepper spray which is an excellent harming tool in case of emergency, a swinging bag which has weights inside and when you swing it can cause great damage. Another thing that you can do is make improvised weapons for example, the pen lying in your bag or your car keys if poked in the eye can cause great damage and can create an escape hatch for you.
  5. Don’t go to Unpopulated Areas Alone: Another thing that you should do is keep away from roads and streets which are deserted as they are the prime attack spots not just for women but also for men.  One basic thing that women should do in such situations is that they should not lose their mind and should remain extremely alert to the situation. Presence of mind in these situations matter a lot. If you are being attacked on a street the first thing you should do is yell your lungs off to alert the surrounding area of the emergency. The second thing that you should do is remember the pressure points. A groin kick and punch in the neck works best in these situations. Secondary target should be heels to the shins and the eyes of the attacker.
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