Monday, July 27, 2015

SR 150,000 for every disabled person to buy Special Cars – King Salman

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman has given the orders to give financial aid to those people who have any sort of physical ailment or deformity. The financial aid has been set at SAR 150,000 per person and the aim of this financial aid is to help them buy their own cars instead of being provided with the special cars which are modified especially for them.

Majed Al Qasabi, the Social Affairs Minister stated that the consent from the King Salman has totally changed the assistance program and now the beneficiaries of these programs would be able to purchase any new car of their choosing. King Salman stated that all those who are truly eligible to receive this financial aid, will now have enough money to buy the car of her or his choice instead of quietly accepting whatever car was allotted to them by the Ministry. Qasabi further added that the Ministry is working with the Ministry of Finance to completely go through the rules, regulations and conditions of paying out the financial aid, which according to him would start being given out by the end of this financial year.

This program was originally thought up by the Late King Abdullah who had ordered that all those Saudi men and women who have physical disabilities and hence have trouble walking, should each be provided with a specially modified vehicle which would enable them to become independent and freely travel from one place to the next. While a large number of people have already been provided with modified cars, there are still those who are eagerly waiting their turn.Minister Qasabi stated that the Social Affairs Ministry will work and coordinate with all of the respective government authorities which are relevant to the program, to derive a plan which will tend to this issue and resolve it within a set period of time. The plan would essentially be to provide financial aid to people with physical deformities under the least amount of time.

Abdullah Al Muaiqil, Undersecretary of the ministry, stated that more than 500 people who were enlisted for this program will be receiving the financial aid within this current year. Undersecretary Al Muaiqil stated that the people on the list had been registered in the second step of the program which began in 2014.Overall there are a total of about 12,000 people with disabilities who have been enlisted in this program in the third step, which was conducted between January and June 2015. The people who have been enlisted in the program will also receive additional financial aid as to adhere to certain controls or regulations which have been implemented in the program by the ministry of Finance and the social affairs ministry.

Al Muaiqil finally stated that this initiative or program aimed at improving the lives of those born with physical deformities was initiated in 2012. Since the initiation of the program a grand total of 6200 specially modified cars have been given out to those who need it.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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