Monday, July 13, 2015

SR 200 fine for smoking in Public Areas of Saudi Arabia

In these modern times nearly every developed country is taking action against the harmful legal addiction known as cigarettes to the common man. These cigarettes not only harm the smoker’s own lungs, but the smoke can also damage the lungs of anyone sitting with a smoker in an enclosed space like a car, or a room with no ventilation. Indoor smoking has been banned in many places for quite some time now; however now smoking in the wrong place outdoors will also get you into trouble.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in launching a massive new campaign against the effects of smoking and have expanded areas in the outdoors where it is prohibited to smoke. Those who still choose to smoke in these banned places will be fined, heavily. Under the new set of rules, areas around mosques, government buildings, ministries, public and private schools, health and sports facilities, factories, banks are all non smoking areas. Not only has smoking been banned in these places, but it has also now been banned in public transport, drink and food factories, gas stations, elevators, bathrooms, oil production sites and even stores.

A fine of SR 200 will be imposed upon all those who are found smoking in these banned places, each and every time you get caught smoking there. According to the laws necessary to implement this, total implementation will come into full effect by next year.In addition to the banning of smoking in most public places, the price of cigarettes and other tobacco related products have also been increased, and all those sweets which come in the shape of cigarettes have now been banned. Along with this all the clothing lines, products and even media programs which feature smoking will be banned.

The Ministries of Health, Media, Education and Social Affairs have all launched a massive campaign, which is both creative and attractive, which promotes the dangers of smoking. However they did not do without a little help from our friends in the private sector.According to official statistics, Saudi Arabia is alone home to more than six million smokers which include more than 800,000 teenagers, who are mainly high school students, and even some 600,000 women. In addition to this however, expatriates also contribute significantly in the amount of smokers present in Saudi Arabia.

Some Saudi women have gone as far as to add smoking as one of the reasons for divorce and the court has granted them this. More than 100 wives who do not smoke themselves or who despise smoking have demanded divorce after their spouses couldn’t give up smoking.Even attempts by the reconciliation committees have failed in convincing women who did not want a husband who does not smoke. This has gained so much attention that women are asking this before marriage and in some cases have rejected marriage proposals based on the person being a smoker. I think this will be more convincing to men, rather than government laws. Happy wife equals Happy Life.

Source: Gulf News

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