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10 Sunnah Acts to follow on the day of Eid

Eid comes two times in a year as a day of celebration. Eid ul Fitr comes after a month of prayers, sacrifice and dedication. Eid ul Adha is practiced to follow the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. These religious holidays are celebrated by the Muslim population all around the world, regardless of sect, creed or nationality. Everyone greet one another on the day of Eid. Muslims should spend these holidays indulging in the following Sunnah activities;

Sunnah Acts to follow on the day of Eid
  1. Taking of Ghusl or Bath (AbdulRazzaq 5754)
  2. Muslims should aim to be dressed in the best of their clothing and should also be wearing their best perfumes to ensure that they look and smell great. (Muslim 2066)(Bukhari 886)
  3. Muslims, prior to leaving the house for prayers, should aim to consume an odd number of dates. If there are no dates available, then an odd amount of any food will suffice. (Bukhari 953)
  4. It is better to go to Prayer ground or prayer area on foot (Bukhari 956)
  5. We should do our best to make it to the Eid Prayers, regardless of distance. (Muslim 890)(Bukhari 913)
  6. Even if the females are not praying they are encouraged to accompany their families to the mosque and attend the Eid prayers. (Bukhari 971) (Muslim 890)
  7. Muslims should aim to recite the Takbir from the time they wake up, right up till the time that the Imam formally starts the Eid prayers (Ibn Abi Syatbah 5621)
  8. Muslims should be in a celebratory mood and should also greet other Muslims with greetings of good health and good faith. (Al-Fath 2/446)
  9. Take different path home than the one you took to come to the prayer area. (Bukhari 986)
  10. Zakat ul Fitr must be paid before Eid Prayer. We have published a detailed article on this topic “How much is Zakat-ul-Fitr or Fitrana for 2016 in Saudi Arabia?

We should take out the time from our daily routines and spend the maximum amount of time with our families.  Eid ul fitr is celebrated for a time period of one to three days, depending on the region you are located in. the common greetings which are associated with this Holiday, are the most common Arabic Greeting which is Eid Mubarak, while some places like Turkey have a saying Bayraminiz Kutlu olson which means May your Bayram / Eid be blessed.  On this blessed holiday all Muslims around the world have been strongly encouraged in forgiving and forgetting any and all grievances and differences which they might be having with another Muslims or Non Muslim. Muslims should aim to eradicate the animosity which may have been accumulated over the rest of the year.

Muslims have been forbidden on fasting on the Eid Day, as it is supposed to be a day of celebration. It is customary that this holiday be celebrated by having a special breakfast consisting of date, before attending the Eid prayers. As this day of Eid Al Fitr marks the ending of the month of Ramadan, and the fasting and sacrifice associated with it. These are aimed at expressing the base values of the Muslim people and their community.

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