Monday, July 27, 2015

Tailor arrested for taking Girl’s Measurements

Security forces in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have arrested one tailor after a video of him went viral. In the video the tailor can be seen physically taking the measurements of a young woman, which in turn triggered nationwide condemnation.The tailor is said to be an expatriate of Asian origins in his 40s and was detained by security forces in Makkah on the charges of working in a women’s dress making shop despite a current ban on me working in such stores or shops.The video was recorded discreetly by someone outside the shop who witnessed firsthand what was happening inside the shop. The video also shows another elder woman standing right next to the young woman whose measurements were being taken. It is believed that the other woman was the young woman’s mother or sister.

A team of undercover agents had been sent in to nab the tailor and the team then proceeded to transport the tailor to the Al Mansoor police station for further investigation and questioning. Ati Al Qarshi, the spokesperson for the police confirmed the fact that the tailor had been arrested by security forces for going against the rules and regulations set in the Kingdom. He further added that the tailor will be referred to public prosecution.While people on social media sites totally supported the arrest of the tailor and understood why he had been arrested, most also said that the 2 women were equally to blame for the incident and that the tailor could not have taken the measurements without permission from the women.

While some people demanded the flogging of the two women, some also called upon authorities to make the person behind the camera face legal action too, as he did not stop or object to what was happening.There were also those who came out in support of the tailor. Some stated that the man behind the camera must be charged for spying and secretly recording people. Some said that the tailor must be allowed to go free and it should be taken into notice why the two women went to a male tailor despite the rules and regulation set in place.

People have said that the tailor who is an expatriate probably belongs to a country where such an action is not frowned upon hence it was the duty of the two women to either not allowing him to take the measurement or to seek a female tailor.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is very particular about the mixing or mingling of men and women who have no relation. There has also been a ban on expatriate men from working in shops which make women’s dresses. Slowly these jobs will be passed on over to Saudi women and no new visas will be issued to male tailors. The aim behind this is to reduce unemployment of the Saudi people and to also significantly reduce the expatriate workforce employed in the Kingdom. One third of the total population of Saudi Arabia is made up of expatriates.

Source: Gulf News

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