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8 Best Hospitals in Jeddah specializing in 8 different medical fields

The health sector once thought to be relatively insulated from the pursuit of profit, now seems to be equally commercialized, where many health professionals are solely interested in profit they generate from their clinics. But still, there are doctors who ensure the delivery of high-quality health care and maintaining a doctor–patient relationship that forms one of the foundations of contemporary medical ethics. .  An ideal physician can be thought of as, one who is respectful, confident, compassionate, competent, empathic and thorough. However, each individual's perception of a good physician would differ and to some extent might be inappropriate.

Saudi Arabia still has to strive against the rising complications reported in its health sector. Many health institutions within the kingdom are making great efforts to combat these challenges. Issues like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, breast cancer etc. are still widely spread at staggering levels. There are many health institutions within Jeddah that offer varied services to patients. Based on patients’ reviews, I will mention the hospitals considered to have the most skilled and qualified doctors in their respective specialties.

  1. As far as Internal Medicine is concerned, The Saudi German Hospital (SGH) Jeddah is particularly famous for its neurology and nephrology consultants.
  2. The King Abdul Aziz University Hospital (KAUH) is highly appreciated for its provision of quality treatment, but patients complain of difficulty in getting an appointment.
  3. My Care Medical Centre is a small medical Centre but the patients (Indians and Pakistanis especially) appreciate it in terms of patient care and affordability for low-income earners.
  4. The consultants of KAUH are especially famous in terms of family medicine and gynecology, the team is thought to be made up of well-trained physicians. But the issue of getting an appointment often arises. Other hospitals reputed for Gynecology includes the Jeddah National Hospital where patients claim to receive good care (especially post-partum), support of physicians and treats after discharge. International Medical Center is also very famous among patients.
  5. If one has to undergo surgery, National Guard Hospital, Dr. Erfan and BagedoHopital and King Faisal Specialist Hospital should be considered. King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Al Mostaqbal Hospital are especially reputed for Neuro-surgery.
  6. Despite the services being very costly, Al Maghrabi Hospitals are highly appreciated for their Opthalmologists and eye surgeons.
  7. Recommended hospitals for Paediatrics and child health care are SoleimanFakeeh Hospital, Dr. Erfan and Bagedo General Hospital, International Medical Centre
  8. Abdul LatifJameel Hospital provides its services in rehabilitation and restoration of functional ability. Patients seek their consultant’s years after termination of their contracts.
Many other hospitals and health care providers in south of Jeddah are providing standard health services especially in terms of gynecology. Patients show due confidence in their healthcare providers but often claim that these southern hospitals are unhygienic and crowded.  All the information presented above is entirely based on patients’ personal experiences and reviews about different health institution of Jeddah and is devoid of any personal preferences. Moreover, I appreciate all other hospitals of Jeddah to the same extent for their health-care services.

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