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The Children of the Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is the most influential people ever on earth. This fact has been approved by Muslims and Non Muslims alike. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) was the last of the messengers of Islam, and all those who do not believe him to be the last, are deviating from the true path of Islam. Today what we will talk about is something which brought the Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) great stress and also ridiculing by his enemies and the disbelievers of his time. Those who are well versed with the life of the Holy Prophet will know what I am talking about. For those who do not know today we are going to be talking about the children of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him). Below we will discuss all of the children of the Holy Prophet, which included his sons (whose deaths caused Him great stress).

According to Ahadith the Holy Prophet had 7 children 3 boys and 4 girls which were;

  • Al QaasimRazi Allah TalaAnhu
  • AbdullahRazi Allah TalaAnhu
  • IbraheemRazi Allah TalaAnhu
The girls were

  • ZaynabRazi Allah TalaAnha
  • RuqayyahRazi Allah TalaAnhu
  • Umm KulthoomRazi Allah TalaAnhu
  • FaatimahRazi Allah TalaAnhu

During the life of the Holy Prophet he had daughters and sons, the first of tem was Al Qasim R.A. From this he took the name Abu’l Qasim. It is believed that the first born died in his childhood; however it should also be noted that it is said that he was old enough to ride a horse before his death. Zaynab (R.A.) was one of the daughters amongst Ruqayyah, Umm Kulthoom and Fatimah (R.A.) respectively. Some reports claim that Zaynab (R.A.) was the eldest amongst the 3 sisters; however Ibn Abbas stated that Ruqayyah was the eldest and Umm Kulthoom was the youngest. After the daughters, a son named Abdullah was born to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). The birth of Abdullah is something which has been debated for quite some time now.

Some people claim that he was born before the Holy Prophet actually became a Prophet while others claim that the son was born after Prophet hood had been granted to Muhammad (peace be upon him). In addition to this dispute, it is also disputed whether he was called Al Tayyib or Al Tahir or whether these were different children altogether. The correct view is that these were all nicknames given to him.

All these children of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) were born from the same mother that was Khadeejah (peace be upon her) and that he never had any children from any other wife. Ibraheem was born to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) from Maariyah al Qibitiyyah in the year 8 A.H. Maariyah Al Qibityaah (peace be upon her) was gifted to the Holy Prophet by the Al Muqawqis, the King of Alexandria and also the leader of the Copts.All the Prophets children died before him except for Fatimah. (Peace be upon her)

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