Thursday, July 16, 2015

Urdu Language is Gaining Ground in Saudi Arabia

Urdu language is spreading all over the world and its literature is also fascinating the whole world. In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, “The Urdu Academy” recently arranged its fifth periodical program titled as “aao Urdu Seekhain” (let us learn Urdu). This effort to promote the language was in fact a follow-up activity for the events those were arranged in the year 2014. Syed Jamal ullah Qadri chaired the event, Mr. Ghulam Yazdani advocate from Hyderabad (Hyderabad is considered as the city of Urdu Language) was chief guest and renowned poets Taj Muztar and Qabil Hyderabadi were invited as guest of honor.

President of the academy Mr. Jamal Qadri delivered the welcome address and said that the members of Urdu Academy are moving forward with great zeal of optimism and they will never surrender to the people who just do criticism and always propagate the downfall of Urdu language. He emphasized that academy is determined to spread Urdu in Jeddah and Jeddah will be enriched with culture and love. He also appreciated the efforts of the writers who transformed Islamic knowledge in Urdu and emphasized that the next generation shall also take care of their responsibilities in this regard.

Mr. Ghulam Yazdani Advocate, Chief Guest of the event addressed the event and said that Urdu is widely spreading in all the spheres of world as well as in Saudi Arabia. Not only the expatriates (having Urdu as their first language) but a considerable number of Saudi Nationals are also attracted towards the chastity of poetry and literature of Urdu and they are learning the language to gain a better understanding.  Mr. Abul Hassan Qabil Hyderabdi read a few of his poems and received great ovation from the audienece. The occasion was attended by many representatives of different organizations working in Jeddah. The representatives also spoke on different topics related to Urdu language.

Socio Reforms Society was represented by its president Dr. Aleem Falki, he expressed his views about the ways of speech for the Urdu speakers. He said that those who prepare according to the given topic, conclude within the given time and stick to the given topic are good speakers. Yousuf ud Din Amjad represented Bazme’e Ittehad and in his speech he tried to create awareness as to how can individuals serve the language. He said that no one can serve Urdu only just by being involved in organizing poetry sessions or seminars and gathering about language. One shall serve the language by giving it an importance in the daily life.

Mr Ijaz Khan, president of India forum paid tribute to Asif Samdani who is busy day and night and has devoted his life just to help the poor students who are under education in Urdu schools. Mr. Khan also stressed in involving other people of like minds in the activities regarding promotion of Urdu. Abdul Jabbar, President of united Telangana forum addressed the gathering. He highlighted the contribution of language in the culture of Hyderabad. He said that the language developed a harmonious and peaceful relation between people of different religions. He demanded the Indian government to declare Urdu a compulsory language in the schools.

Mr. Abdul Razzaq, general secretary of Deccan NRI’s group, President Khak’e Taiba Trust Mr. Ahmad Abd ul Hakeem, renowned social activist Mr. S. K. Wiqar ud Din, Mr Saeed ud Din President of Indian Engineers Forum, Arif Masud Siddiqi and other dignitaries also attendeed and addressed the gathering.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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