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Useful Tips for Groom to avoid Wedding Photo Shoot

A wedding is an auspicious occasion where two people are united in marriage for the whole life. This ceremony entails a horde of customs and traditions which vary from culture to culture. But one thing which remains constant in the wedding ceremonies is the tradition of taking photos and lots and lots of photos. These photographs then serve as the life long memory of the happy event. Brides are especially very excited at the prospect of posing for the pictures which is actually quite opposite for the grooms. The ordeal of taking thousands of pictures become very tedious for the groom and its to just about standing still in one place, the thought of posing for those thousands and thousands of picture plus the retakes strike fear in the heart of the groom. Where on one hand he is looking forward to the wedding ceremony so that he can spend the rest of his life with his dream women, on the other hand he is so not looking forward to the tedious task of photography. The smile of the groom which was an actual smile four hours ago becomes a grimace by the end of the photo shoot. Rightfully though, but if we observe we will find that among the people hired for different tasks at the wedding ceremony, the photographers are one of the most well paid people.

Useful Tips for Groom to avoid Wedding Photo Shoot
  1. What the groom can do in this situation, is that he can tuck earphones in the lapels of his jackets and turn on the music during the shoot and for the posing part he can just follow the bride since she is a master art posing. Oh and if he is found out then he should have a counter statement ready to give to the bride or he should be ready to bear her ire!!!
  2. Another thing which a groom can do is zoning out during the shoot. During the discussion of the bride and the photographer a groom can easily meditate to relieve the stress and off course the monotony of the photo-shoot. But again the bride can be irked if the groom is not participating and continuously zoning out of the conversation.
  3. The bridal photo shoot-named correctly as the most involved person in this shoot is the bride, takes such a long time to complete that the groom can easily count to a million and back in that time frame. Off course he is bound to forget the counting between all the poses that he is required to make and all the different spots he is asked to step on to. If the groom is really bored during the shoot then he can count the number of poses, the ones the photographer asks him to make, the one the bride suggests and the ones that are the retakes. They are bound to be thousand in total definitely!
  4. One silver lining for the groom to take on the photo shoot is the upcoming time that he spends with other people and the dinner buffet off course. But when he will open the wedding albums after 25 years, he would be really happy.

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