Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wadi-al-JINN – Does it really exist in Madina?

You might or even might not have heard the word Jinn before. The first thing we discuss is what a Jinn really is. The closest word which was found near Jinn was Genie, which is considered as a supernatural paranormal entity. The majority of you will not believe in their existence but there are numerous scriptures in Islam which provide evidence of their existence. Jinns are mentioned in the Holy Quran numerous times for example Allah states regarding Prophet Suleiman (Solomon {peace be upon him}): “And before Suleiman was marshalled, his hosts of Jinn, men and birds, and they were all kept in order and ranks.” (Quran 27:17)

If this still does not convince you that Jinns do exist in this world and amongst us, there is a complete Surah in the Quran which is named Al Jinn. Hence there is no doubt left to the fact that Jinns do in fact exist. Though they might be around us we cannot see them as they are invisible. The question arises however, that are these Jinns really present in a valley near Madinah Munawarah which is also the second most sacred place for Muslims after the Holy city of Makkah. People who reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or have frequented it might have heard about the famous Wadi e Jinn or also known as Wadi Al Jinn. This valley is officially named Wadi Al Baidah and is located around 30 kilometers to the North West of Madinah.

There were also some rumors going around on the internet that in the valley vehicles which were either turned off or were in neutral would automatically start moving their way towards Madinah and some even reported that the cars gained incredible speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour within a few minutes. There were also reports that if water was poured on the ground it would travel uphill instead of downhill. If this is actually true it truly sounds amazing and all this had been attributed to the presence of Jinns in the valley. To actually find out if this were true or not I decided to visit this famous valley of Jinns; however what I found was not what I had in mind.

When I reached there I noticed how the acceleration of my car had improved dramatically, now my simple sedan was doing 120 kilometers per hour under a few seconds, something which is not possible otherwise. We even experienced cars moving being pulled in certain directions without the aid of any driver. Like most tourists I snapped a few pictures of the empty deserted area which consisted of nothing more than a few hills, bushes and sand. On the distant hills we could easily see flags of various nations painted on, the Pakistani flag was the most clear and bright flag on the hill.

It is of my conclusion that the pull or added acceleration is not caused by any paranormal forces or other supernatural beings but rather are a result due to high magnetic forces in the hills and valley.
GPS Coordinates: N 24.72266, E 39.44327

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