Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What does Heart line on your palm says about you?

Palmistry is an ancient practice of studying the lines on an individual’s palm and then predicting the future. This practice is also known as chirology. Palmistry or chirology can be found all over the world, however the practice faces various variations and change from one culture to the next.There are numerous interpretations of the different lines on your palm which can also be interpreted in a conflicting sense by different palmists. So may various contradictions between the interpretations of the lines and also the lacking of empirical support for the predictions of palmistry is what has caused palmistry to be classified as a pseudoscience amongst academics

The lines on your palm not only tell about your possible future but also reveal a lot about your real personality and character. Even though the practice of reading of palms to base predictions is an old practice, those who have faith in the practice vouch for its authenticity and accuracy to this day. Anyone who is well versed in the art of palmistry and can successfully read a person’s palm can uncover true facts about the person’s personality and character which others who are not trained in palmistry will not be able to uncover as easily.The line which represents the heart usually starts from anywhere between the pointer and middle finger and spans out till the pinky or little finger. This line has the ability to reveal great facts about us to even ourselves.

A:If the line depicting the heart is based right under your middle finger or right under your pointer, in both cases the person was born to be a true leader. Those in this category are born with excellent decision making skills, they are usually a good judge of character, they are intelligent and are good spirited or jolly. People of this category are not prone to be enticed or excited into doing anything.

B: If your heart line starts between your pointer finger and middle finger then you hold a very special personality. People in this category can often have their feelings hurt or expectations let down by others. While making decisions you follow your heart. You might feel hesitant or unwilling to do things sometimes but overall you are someone who can be trusted.

C: If the line representing your heart is placed between your thumb and pointer finger it means that you are an extremely emotional and compassionate human being. Along with being emotional you are very particular about keeping people happy and are truly compassionate in helping people and being of any assistance possible. People of this category know how to truly love and express their love for everything. Your heart is also soft which again makes you emotional over small things and also does not allow you to make harsh decisions or ones which would bring harm or unhappiness to someone else.Hope our readers will find themselves busy in reading the palms of their families and friends.


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