Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Who turned our youth into Extremist Monsters?

Today if we see the photos of those wanted by the Interior Ministry, the first thing that we will notice will be that the faces of the wanted fugitives all belong to children, most of whom are barely 18 years of age. The age at which most of these wanted people are in, is an age in which a person’s beliefs, awareness and convictions are still developing. It can be safely assumed that a person at that age has not reached their full maturity nor have a strong stance on matters of belief or religion.

We might not know as to what level of knowledge has been acquired by these young minds but it would be safe to assume that a lack of knowledge and maturity have caused them to inadequately analyze, comprehend, reject or accept religious teachings and texts. These young people are not truly completely aware of the different schools of Islamic thoughts and the views and beliefs of different sects within Islam. These young minds have an artificial understanding of the correct path or the right path and are often just imitating scholar who are well known for their ignorant speeches against the people of different sects in Islam.

It is quite unfortunate that these young men have become part of the Sahwa ideology due to their ignorance and lack of wisdom on true Islamic teachings. The Sahwa or the Revival was a sort of a movement which emerged in the 1980’s through the aid and help of a few scholars noted for their different thought and perception of religion. These scholars targeted the youth and formed such an impression on their impressionable minds that they became Takfeeris (the act of considering a Muslim or Muslims as a Non Muslim) and eventually extremists. These young men had set their target on anyone who wanted either enlightenment or more modernity. These teachings eventually led the youth to reject all those who live their lives according to the contemporary culture.

This process eventually leads to the formation of a group of people who advocated the Sahwa movement which had been filled with malice and hatred against other Muslims. These misguided young people burned down video stores, interfered in people’s lives and resorted to bullying and physical violence if the person resisted. Today the situation has gotten so bad that Mosques are being blown up and all those prostrating in front of Allah are being massacred like animals.

Most of these teenagers have not even completed intermediate schooling which again causes them to make mistakes while reading and writing. This has also caused these young men to misinterpret the Arabic terminology and hence allowed them to become killers and terrorists.  These young people reject the common socio-political system in place in our society and inadvertently seek the destruction of everything in their path even if it means their own home country. These people aim and wish to leave the Saudi people without any intellectual or cultural heritage.The question here is who is responsible for turning these kids into monsters? Personally I believe that we all have an equal role in promoting this ideology through our silence and unwillingness of addressing this issue.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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