Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why Aunt of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is buried in Cyprus?

Umm Haram BintMilhan (blessings be upon her) was the maternal aunt of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). The Holy Prophet would often visit her house and would also take a nap there. One day when the Holy Prophet came to visit her, she served him food and started grooming his head. During this time the Prophet fell asleep and when he woke up later, he did so with a smile.Umm Haram asked the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) that what was it that was making him smile. The Prophet stated that he had a vision in which He saw his loyal followers fighting in the name of Allah, in the middle of the sea. The Prophet stated that they looked like Kings on their thrones.

Umm Haram asked the Holy Prophet to pray to Almighty Allah to make her one of them. The Prophet accepted and started praying. While praying the Holy Prophet put his head down and went to sleep. Once again when the Holy Prophet woke up, he did so with a smile. Once again Umm Haram asked the Holy Prophet what was it that made him smile. The Holy Prophet repeated what He had earlier stated. Once again Umm Haram asked the Holy Prophet to pray that she would be amongst those. This time however the Holy Prophet stated that you will be amongst the first ones.Several years after the death of the Holy Prophet, when the borders of the Islamic lands reached beyond Syria, Governor Muawiya was already facing hostility from the Byzantines who were constantly attacking the coastline of Syria and used Cyprus as a launching point. The governor sought permission from the second Caliph to launch a naval attack on the Byzantines, however he refused.

When the third Caliph took over the controls, Muawiya managed to convince him and sent out an attack which was headed by Ubadah bin Saamit. This was the first naval attack in the history of Islam.Umm Haram was the wife of Ubadah bin Saamit and she volunteered to go along on the journey. The Prophets prayers so many years ago had finally come true.

After defeating initial wave of coastguards, the Muslims set foot on the coast of Cyprus. During the attack the horse on which Umm Haram was riding, suddenly got startled and frightened which caused it to jump and dislodge Umm Haram who got seriously injured from her fall and later succumbed to them.

Umm Haram was buried where she fell during the taking of Cyprus. Today there is even a mosque adjacent to her grave and it was built by the Ottomans in her honor. To this day people from all over the world visit her grave and it has become one of the most important Islamic places in Cyprus. Those who have strived in the way of Allah have been honored and rewarded duly so, same is the case with Umm Haram.

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