Friday, July 3, 2015

Why do drivers in Saudi Arabia honk their horns unnecessarily?

Some people may be able to put up with the nuisance of a sound, known as a car horn, in nearly every place, even near hospitals. However car drivers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia do not realize that their constant honking of the horn, near hospitals, can disrupt and damage the health of patients living inside hospitals.In most places around the world, the city and the streets used to be much quieter 10 years ago, than they are today. This is due to the fact that many more cars have been brought on to the road, each of them carrying their unique car horn, which most people use as frequently as they possibly can. Most people lose their patience while behind someone who is driving slower than they want, or is not giving them way to pass, hence they use the car horn unnecessarily.

City dwellers can hear a car horn at any time of the day. Even as late as past midnight, people still think it’s appropriate to use a car horn while the majority of the city sleeps. Every driver out there seems to think he owns the streets.The honking of horns, although pretty common in some areas around the world, can also be a signal to start a fight in some areas. Honking of the horn is seen as completely antisocial and can also make the person being honked at, extremely furious, which often results in road rage. However people need to control whatever traffic problems or road rage issues they might be facing, at least near hospitals or even schools during school hours. Each and every one of the patients admitted in to any hospital has the right to live a peaceful comfortable noise without the constant honking of horns.

It is a good idea that the Ministry of Health and the General Traffic Department should come together to make the streets a more peaceful place for drivers and nearby residents as well. Honking of the horn is a negative practice which should be stopped immediately.If car companies knew to what extent the car horn would be abused, they would have put a limiter on the car horn too (removing it altogether would be a bad idea). However if the authorities and traffic department are not able to control this horrid issue, then I think it will be better if car horns are removed altogether. This however can also lead to major issues since road rage can’t be vented through horns, maybe the drivers will take a step up and start bumping into each other on the road to tell them to give way.

All around the world, the police force is seen as an oppressive force which works against the people. Although some places may love their police, and some places may not completely hate their police, there are some places, where the police are given no respect. Countries like India and Pakistan are some of the countries where police are looked down upon. If the proper respect is given to the police people will think many times before breaking any law.

Even in these modern ages, we as humans are slipping back instead of moving forward. Even though newer generations have more awareness, and are considerably more tech smart than the previous generations, however their patience is being depleted and hence when the impatient come on the roads, they honk unnecessarily.

Dr. Barry: I am from America and live in Saudi Arabia for almost three years now. This issue you are tackling here is a very important issue that needs to be seriously addressed. Honking on horns is disrespectful and against Islamic values. I do not know, as I don't have the statistics, how many people are losing their lives in Saudi Arabia because of careless driving behaviors. A person in the mosque gives you a space to pray but in the street even one inch he will not spare for his brother. These kinds of behaviors demonstrate the lack of patience combined with the mindset that I am first before anyone else. I think, in addition to the Ministries of health and traffic as you mentioned above, religious leaders need to be implicated as these behaviors are against our islamic values. It is my hope that the Imans in the mosque during kutuba time and other religious leaders educate us how these kinds of behaviors are harming us here and after here. Our values are not something that we shelf in the mosque, go on our daily lives and wear them only when we come back to the mosque. To me education will have greater impact than law enforcement especially in a country where 99.99% claim to be Muslim. We need to have a serious campaign against these behaviors such as putting banners (written on them something like "your careless driving behaviors are against our Islamic values and harm us here and after here...) in all major visible places including streets, malls, public schools, universities, etc. "None of you will have faith till he wishes for his (Muslim) brother what he likes for himself."

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