Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why Saudis refuse Blue Collar Jobs?

Despite the immense popularity of the Jobs on Air television program in providing employment opportunities to numerous young Saudi citizens, many Saudis refuse to work the blue collar jobs. In accordance to a survey conducted, there are around 5 main reasons as to why a young Saudi will refuse to work these blue collar jobs which are viewed as menial employment. Host of the program, Mohsin Shaikh Al Hassan stated this while talking to the media. He added that the show has been able to successfully find 8500 employment opportunities for Saudi men and women since it first aired on television around 4 months ago. The show is broadcasted on the Al Danah television channel every Tuesday between 9 and 11 p.m.

Al Hassan stated that one of the many reasons that young Saudis refuse to accept these jobs is due to their families. Families in Saudi Arabia rarely teach their young ones to participate in household chores. Saudi families provide the youth with everything they could possible desire and that is why the children do not accept these jobs when they come of age.
Another vital reason is the fact that in Saudi heritage and culture the Saudi youth prefers employment in the government rather than being employed in the private sector.

He further stated that young Saudi men fear that women will not accept their hand in marriage if they do these kinds of jobs. In simpler words, a wife would not be proud of their husband working a menial job in the private sector
Al Hassan stated that there is a common misconception that employment in the private sector does not provide the same amount of job security as is provided in the government jobs. Hence young Saudis transfer from one company to another in short periods of time.

On the show, a curriculum vita was received of a young Saudi man who had worked in 13 different countries in the same year. This meant that the person only worked for a total of 26 days at each company. This is the main reason why private companies resist hiring Saudis.He added that if the young Saudi men and women accepted the jobs which were offered to them through our program and also went through training provided, they could become much better than their counter parts from other countries. As a case study Al Hassan quoted local banks, Saudi Aramco and SABIC, all of whom had hired and trained young Saudi men who had eventually become extremely successful and efficient at their jobs.

The thinking and mindset of young Saudi women are more or less the same as the Saudi men, as they too refuse to be employed as either a waitress or a chef in a restaurant. This hesitant approach is primarily due to the fact that the young Saudi women also believe that they would not receive marriage proposals from men if they worked these types of jobs.

Source: Arab News

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