Sunday, July 12, 2015

Zakat Request for Needy people using official Email lead to Termination

One of our readers Mr. Ehsan Khan has shared his experience with us and I think it is important for each one of you to know about it so that this kind of incident is not recurred. He is working in a manpower supply company in Saudi Arabia. A bank has outsourced some of its operations to the employer of Mr. Ehsan Khan. As a result of that He started working in the bank as a subcontracted employee under a legal agreement between bank and his employer. He was given bank’s email address as well. Everything was going fine from a long time until that particular day.

He knew some students who were in need of money to continue their studies. In order to help them, he discussed with some of his friends if they are willing to pay Zakat to those needy students. As some of them showed willingness, he decided to ask everyone about it. He thought that he could arrange some reasonable funds for the poor people. He wrote an email on his official email address which was given to him by the bank and sent email to almost everyone he knew in the bank. He also wrote a bank account where they had to transfer money in case they are willing to do so. Within 10 minutes of sending this email, IT department took action against him and personnel from HR came to his desk. IT Department was continuously scanning their emails.

HR personnel called his employer to take him back from bank immediately. His employer called him immediately and asked him to report to his office. When he reached office, his termination letter was ready and they also intimated him that they are going to take legal action against him. Bank is seeking legal opinion about this matter and they will report to police as well.

He contacted me to ask about his case. He told me that he has not even received a single halala in his bank account given in the email. I told him that if he has not done anything wrong, he will get justice.

The purpose of writing this entire story is to let my dear readers know that this can happen to anyone. Even I was shocked to read his story. I send many personal emails to colleagues inviting them for dinner and stuff like that. Please be careful about the stuff you are sending on your official email account as it can be used against you. I will take care of my official email account from now onwards and would advise you to do the same.

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