Thursday, August 6, 2015

100 Lashes, 30 days Imprisonment for Celebratory Firing at Weddings

Celebratory firing is a tradition of KSA and all other Middle East countries. It has resulted in several incidents, loss of lives and financial grievances. People residing in KSA consider it as an essential part of showcasing their wealth and status to fire in order to let other know that they are so happy for something. During previous decades, despite of many incidents, authorities took no action over this deadly tradition. From now onwards, court has pronounced severe punishment for people who adopt celebratory fire as an expression of happiness or pride. 

With regard to the matter of celebratory fire, Saudi court has pronounced one month imprisonment as he had shot fire in air for celebration. In the same case, court has also ordered 100 lashes for a person who tried to defend the guilty of celebratory fire and helped him to escape from occasion. The Police spotted his license plate and after enquiring registration number, he got arrested later and court announced imprisonment for him. Celebratory fire is a deep rotted tradition of KSA especially during happy occasions.  Last year during a wedding, a group of participants tried to celebrate occasion by firing shots in air. The shot missed and resulted in death of two people along with several injuries. The injured persons immediately taken to hospitals despite of this few persons could survive.

This is not the only incident of death happened due to fire shots in air, there are number of cases where people lost their lives due to this harmful tradition to show off wealth and status. With enhanced level of awareness among Saudi natives, a major portion of Kingdom population has realized the danger associated with this tradition. Still resident of various side areas and those who belong to wealthy families never let even a single occasion go without showing their expertise in celebratory fire shows. Recently a video became viral on social media which showed a clip of wedding. The bride and groom were walking in marriage venue meanwhile the groom’s brother who was also walking alongside with a Kalashnikov started firing in air.

As the couple proceeded, the groom’s brother kept on showing his skills in fire shot. While firing with pride and over confidence gesture, the shooting person lost control of Kalashnikov. Consequences were unleashing of hails of bullets and people started running here and there in order to get an escape from the shots of out of control weapon. Though there was no loss of life shown in that video clip, still it indicated a grave danger associated with this deadly tradition.

The Saudi courts have issued zero tolerance policy against fire shot shows and such celebrations. In order to ensure compliance with law of ban on celebratory fire incidents, the court has ordered police and regulatory authorities to supervise palaces, wedding halls and related areas where people may try to celebrate gunfire shots. It is not only prevalent in KSA or Middle East; natives of North and South America have also been suffering from such deadly traditions.

Source: Gulf News

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