Monday, August 24, 2015

2,000 Lashes, 13 Years Jail for the man who raped his daughter in Jeddah

The relationship of parents with their children is the one of purity and sanctity. When a couple becomes parents they are responsible for the protection of the child in each and every way from the foes outside and inside themselves, and there is a high reward for the parents who fulfill their duty on the Day of Judgment. But some parents are unfortunate in this regard; they are unable to protect their children sometimes from the world and sometimes from themselves. We have often heard of cases of sexual assault, in these cases mostly a victim is assaulted by an unknown person, but now a days, a type of assault case has been coming into highlight, that of incestual type. In such case a victim is assaulted by a known person who is most probably a close family member.

Mostly this disgusting and soul depriving act is seen to be committed by an uncle, father or a brother. The relations which are considered to be the protectors are responsible for committing these acts of depravity. Such a case has come into highlights in Jeddah, where a girl of 20 years had been assaulted and raped by her father over a period of 5 years. In the report filed by the police the girl told the police that the father had been raping by taking advantage for her mother’s and brother’s absence. He had been threatening his daughter with physical violence if she did not comply with him or complained about his heinous act to anybody. When finally after a period of five years the daughter refused him he assaulted her physically so badly that she had to be admitted into the hospital for treatment.

After her release from the hospital he assaulted her again after which the victim attempted suicide by swallowing pills, and that was the time when the case came under the police investigation. After subsequent investigation and the evidences which were collected the court convicted the father of the crime and sentenced him 13 years in prison with 2000 lashes.

The public prosecutor asked the judge rightly to sentence the father to death sentence, but the judge rejected the plea as some necessary conditions for the death sentence in such scenarios had not been fulfilled.  According to the Islamic Sharia incest is a hideous crime for which there is no forgiveness. Psychologists believe that people who commit incest are mentally ill and such pervertness can only be treated via proper counseling.

Such cases are usually prevalent in lower class of society where people are not educated religiously and otherwise so that they are aware of the right and wrong. However, this heinous and depraved act is looked down upon in every society and religion of the world. Usually these cases are hidden and are not reported. We believe that only 10% of these cases come under highlights, however this issue is one of the most prevalent issue of every society be it a developed country or an under developed country.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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