Tuesday, August 18, 2015

5 Best Taxi Services in Jeddah

Roaming around in Jeddah can be a bit of a hassle for people who don’t own cars and especially for women since they are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Read on to find out about top five taxi services in Jeddah!

5 Best Taxi Services in Jeddah
  1. Mondo Taxi Service: Mondo Taxi is famous for having a couple of cars only so it is not suitable for people who are in a hurry rather for people who can wait for a couple of minutes. Mondo Taxi has nice cars with even better drivers along with a quick GPS service so you never have to worry about explaining the taxi driver your desired destination. There is a meter installed for pricing but customers can always try and bargain with the driver in case they think the price is too high!
  2. Uber Taxi Service: Uber is one of the most known and globally familiar taxi services. Uber accepts no mode of payment except credit cards so you definitely need to have one in order to travel by Uber. It is also quite pricier than most of the other taxi services in Jeddah. They do not have a way of bargaining because they have set rates. The low priced Uber starts at a base rate of SR 6 and 0.50 are added on every minute. The Uber Black is starts at a base rate of SR 9 with the bare minimum amount being SR 20.
  3. Careem Taxi Service: Careem is a very customer friendly taxi service. It has a portal made for download on phones and laptops so it is easy for passengers to book taxis without any hassle. You simply have to download the Careem application, make a free account and you will be asked if you want a taxi right away or if you want to book one for some time later. The best part about this service is, once you select your final destination, it lets you know of the guess amount so you have an idea of how much to pay for the service.
  4. Taxi Pixi Service: Taxi Pixi is similar to Careem. It also has an application service for customers however it is a bit jumbled compared to Careem. Taxi Pixi provides one way services along with car rentals as well. Car rentals can be done for 4, 8 or 24 hours. The cost depends on the final destination however the bare minimum amount is SR 18. The final receipt for the payment is sent through either email or through the application that they provide. They keep their cars well maintained and have well-mannered drivers.
  5. Easy Taxi Service: Easy Taxi is said to be one of the fastest taxi services in Jeddah! It is so efficient that if you notify them about wanting a driver, they will send you a taxi in the next couple of minutes so you do not have to wait a lot. Their cars are not well maintained ALWAYS. They might be a bit dirty at times but for anyone who is in a hurry can use Easy Taxi. They did not have a permanent rate system before. You could either pay from the meter or just bargain with the driver. However, the price is almost 5-10 riyals above than what most taxis cost.  We have written a detailed article on this subject, check this link “Easy Taxi: A must have application for women in Saudi Arabia
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