Saturday, August 15, 2015

Act of Playing Cards inside Masjid Al Nabawi

Islam is a religion which has banned the followers from partaking in certain illicit and immoral activities which have unfortunately plagued the society that we live in now. One of these acts is Gambling.Gambling is the word which is associated with the taking or giving of goods or money depending on certain variable elements whose outcome is not known. It does not matter whatever name you choose to give to this act, any game which is based around this act and any game of luck which is played for goods or money is considered gambling.

In relation to the act of gambling, “Maysir” has been mentioned in the Holy Quran. This word has been derived from the word of “YUSR” which actually means ease. This indicates that the goods or money which are acquired or lost through these acts.Gambling is a means of obtaining an undeserved amount of money or undeserved goods which have made men forget about their Creator, eliminates his determination and resolve at work, makes the person lazy, prevents from the performing of prayers and also builds enmity amongst people. Any kind of gamble which would cause an irreparable wound in the social life of an individual has been deemed haram in Islam.

The following has been stated in the Holy Quran, in regard to this specific issue;“O you who believe! Do not eat up your properties amongst yourself in vanities” (AL-BAQARA, 2/118; AN NISA, 4/29).Over the ages, gambling has been done primarily through the use of playing cards, for those of you who may not know playing cards are the card sets which feature 4 Aces, 4 Kings, 4Queens, 4 Jacks and a complete set of number under all the Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks.

Playing cards are viewed as some as facilitators for gambling and consider it haram to play with them even without the monetary amount, while some also believe that until the game does not involve money, then the game can be played just like any other board game or any other game.Hence it would be wise to see where you whip out the playing cards for a few hands, and consider if some people might find it offensive, especially in Muslims countries like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Well a news story has just been reported where the Security forces and respective authorities in Madinah city have arrested a group of 4 brothers, who are aged between 10 and 17. The four brothers have been arrested on the basis of playing with cards while sitting inside of the Prophet’s Mosque.

In accordance to the statement made by the Major General Fahd Al Ghannam, who is the official spokesman for the Madinah police department.  The arrests were made after the picture of the 4 boys playing cards in the mosque went viral thanks to the various social media platforms used by millions of Muslims from around the world.First round of the investigations have stated that the young boys were only waiting for their families and were not gambling.

Source: Arab News

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