Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Are women Safe on Saudi Streets?

Considering how strict the laws in Saudi Arabia are and how women are expected to cover themselves when stepping out of the house, it might surprise a lot of you to know that yes, women on the streets of Saudi Arabia do get harassed publicly. Harassment could be of any type, be it saying something flirtatious or mean to the female or the physical type, which is worse. Be it of any kind, harassment is plain wrong.

After surveying a couple of females in Saudi Arabia, we found out how a few women feel unsafe on the streets of Saudi as they have been harassed. But this is not the case with most of the women. A graduated girl in her late 20s told us how she feels completely comfortable on walking down the streets of Saudi. She has absolutely no fear and this is because one should know how to handle all such situations. Another girl expressed the same feelings as above and also added how according to her, these harassment cases are very unusual in this society and they will eventually disappear one day, all thanks to the countless efforts being done by the Saudi Forces to keep this country a safe and healthy country, especially for women.

Of course, harassment in no way is acceptable. Being a woman, she has all the rights to roam in whatever street she wants to and whatever time she wants to because no one has the right to harass her just because she was roaming without an abaya at 11 pm. No matter how a female reacts, it gives no one the right to harass her. Even our religion Islam states, if you do not like someone’s behavior then simply ignore her because in the end of the day, Allah said ‘’No one bears the burdens of another’’. However, if you do not like her behavior or actions, feel free to guide and advise her in the nicest way possible. Talk to her and explain her where she is going wrong and guide her to the straight path, but do NOT harass!

The major reason behind the rapid increase of harassment in this society is the increasing population day by day. Lots of different nationalities and people from different cultures have moved to this country which is why it is so difficult for the Saudi Forces to keep a check every now and then. But even after the increasing population issue, the Saudi Forces are working day and night effortlessly to eliminate the harassment problem from this country and we salute to them, for this!

The harassment cases are not increasing; people have just started to voice complains and opinions out more through the social media so we are all becoming aware of this issue now. Females now talk about this issue with evidence and prove such as videos or pictures clicked of the terrible incident by their cell phones. Although, the Saudi Forces are working so hard on this issue, let’s hope and pray that this problem is completely finished from the society.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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