Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Can I get Final Exit if I have unpaid loan/credit card debt?

I have received this question several times from different readers of my blog. Almost everyday somebody asks me, “Can I get final exit if I have unpaid loan/credit card debt?” Well, the answer to this question is unfortunately not simple Yes or No. The answer depends upon several factors and I have tried to explain each and every factor in detail below. Before going into details, I want to make a point here that one should not spend more than his needs and more than his resources. I am a regular credit card user but I use it only when I have the equivalent money to buy that item on cash. In this way, I don’t spend more than my financial capacity.

Can I get Final Exit if I have unpaid loan/credit card debt?
  1. Yes, your sponsor can issue final exit visa even if you have credit card debt or unpaid loan on your name. Unpaid loan or credit card debts are not connected with MOI online system. So there is no problem in getting final exit visa by employer.
  2. However, sometimes employer gives warranty of the personal loan to the bank. In that case, it is the duty of the employer to report to the bank about your plans to get final exit. Bank may contact you in that case and ask for the unpaid money. If it happens, you will have to pay them back the unpaid amount. If you don’t pay them back, they can report against you in Police and in that case you will be in trouble.
  3. In case of credit card, employers don’t give any sort of warranty so you don’t need to worry about this thing. However, if the bank from which have taken personal loan and credit card provider are same, they may ask you to pay off the credit card debt as well. Otherwise a police complaint may be registered by the bank to you.
  4. In case the police complaint is not registered in the above mentioned cases, you don’t have to worry about anything. No one is going to stop you from leaving Saudi Arabia. Immigration officer has nothing to do with the unpaid amount of loan or credit card debt. But keep in mind, if you are unable to make timely payment of credit card bills, you will be banned from getting credit card from all over the world.
  5. If bank has reported against you in the police, you cannot leave Saudi Arabia without settling down the unpaid amount of loan or credit card. As soon as the police complaint is registered, it is updated in the MOI system. When you will try to cross the immigration counter, it will also appear in the system and he will not let you cross the border.
  6. I always recommend my readers to pay off the money of credit card debt as well as personal loan to the bank before leaving Saudi Arabia. Even if you are successful in leaving the country on final exit without paying off the unpaid amount of loan or credit card debt, you will have to face a lot of problems at the time of coming back to Saudi Arabia on new visa. I have covered this topic in this article “Can I come back to Saudi Arabia on new visaif I have unpaid loan/credit card debt?

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