Sunday, August 9, 2015

Common Mistakes in CVs of residents of Saudi Arabia

Recently a friend of mine was asked to help out the company in the process of recruiting individuals for two job openings at a Jeddah government hospital.  The day the job posting was made almost 100 applications. 100 applications for just 2 openings can be quite overwhelming; nevertheless the process was started as the positions had to be filled quickly. Upwards of 90 percent of all the applicants sent in their emails without any cover letter. I was wondering whether this is a common occurrence or a habit in the Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

 This question comes to mind since almost all of the applicants came from these parts of the world. In some countries it is mandatory to send in a cover letter along with your CV while applying for a job opening.  Even though these people know that no one will read their letters and it might be used around the office as covering for peanuts and doughnuts, they still do so. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia it is well known that the employers  do not even glance at the cover letter, hence these applicants have stopped writing these letters altogether. When someone comes to the Kingdom for employment for the first time they aren’t sure whether to attach a letter or not, some do, some don’t, according to what they have been doing in their home country.

However, those who have been working in the Kingdom for a long time, usually develop the habit of not attaching a cover letter for their application altogether.  Another thing which came to light was some of the stuff which was included in the CVs of the applicants. Over half of all the applications for the job openings came with personal information which was not at all necessary to be known by your employer.  The name of their fathers, education and experience of the father and the number of siblings were all included in the CVs. Some of the applicants even stated that their fathers were Saudi and they were under their Sponsorship!

Has any job applicant out there done any research on how this additional information might help them land a job in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? If so it would be much appreciated if it could be made available for everyone to share. It does not matter that you yourself cannot write your own CV, believe me, many experienced people have no idea how to do their CV. This is so because there are numerous ways you can help build your CV. You can ask a relative or friend who has experience in making a CV and ask them to do it for you.

Another option is to use one of the numerous writing services available online such as,; Elance etc. these sites offer different levels of service for different amounts of fees. If you are somehow unable to make an online payment, look for sample CVs online and tips and points for making a good CV.

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